How to make a Mermaid costume, Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a Mermaid costume, Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A fairy-tale image of a beautiful romanticPrincess mermaid always attracted the attention of girls, and very many young ladies would like to look like the charming beauty of Eriel - the daughter of the king of the Triton seas from the Disney cartoon. mermaid ErielDress up a sea princess on anyholiday: costume party, New Year's party, Halloween, birthday or carnival. A suit of mermaids for such a children's holiday can be done at home.

Mermaid outfit: basic details of the image

costume options Before you start buying a fabric andother materials for tailoring, decide on the shape of your future product, thought out all the details to the smallest detail. To begin with it is necessary to determine, from what, actually, consists the image of the little mermaid:

  • top of the suit - top, bodice of the dress, shortblouse with little candy-lanterns (for a small girl) or top of a swimsuit and other, more sexy and open versions - for adult girls (you can make a bust even from the halves of coconut, only they have to be ground beforehand, drill holes for ribbons and stuff it with a soft cloth) ;
  • The lower part of the suit is very problematic, sincethe image of a mermaid assumes the presence of a tail. Since you do not participate in shooting a movie about mermaids, the tail should only play a decorative function, that is, be just an imitation. There are many options for its manufacture, so be reserved for patience and imagination;
  • decorations and other accessories - sea princessescan wear a crown, necklaces and diadems of pearls, sparkling stones and shells, decorate their long curly hair with lilies and other beautiful flowers, seaweed (in the hands you can hold a starfish, coral, toy in the form of some inhabitant of the ocean depths). As a rule, the presence of shoes from the mermaid is not expected, but you can pick up light sandals with a minimum of buckles.

If you are going to make a children's costume, thenconsider first of all the comfort and safety of your child: the outfit needs to be sewn so that it can be fully walked, sit down and move.

Mermaid costume with your own hands at home

To sew a nice and comfortable outfit, correctlypick up the fabric: it should be light and flowing. The main colors of the mermaid image are green, blue, blue and all their possible shades. You can also use a lilac or purple color. Beautiful looks shades with an imitation of silver or gold shine scales. For a little girl's costume, this option is possible. simple suit

  • As the top of the outfit, use a transparentgolfik, on which you can sew two pieces of shiny fabric in the bodice, making them a kind of swimsuit. It will be very interesting if the bodice of the dress is replaced with an elastic skirt (you can knit).
  • In order to make a bottom, take a tulle of several shades (for example, green and blue). Cut out of the green tulle a lot of stripes, 10-12 cm wide. They will need at least 50-60 pieces.
  • Now take the top, and double the striptulle, pass it through the extreme loops of its lower part. You will have a loop through which you need to pass the ends of the strip, thereby fixing it. Nodules tighten tightly so that they do not untie.
  • Continue to act this way, gradually processing the entire bottom edge of the top, until you get a solid lush skirt.
  • Next you have to make an imitation of the tail. To do this, divide the tulle skirt (all strips) into three conventional parts: two of them will play the role of the tail behind, and one of them will be the front. You can fasten them for a while with the help of rubber bands, so that it would be more convenient to work.
  • Take the tulle of another (blue) color and alsoCut out the stripes (in the same amount as the green ones), 10 cm long. Tie the blue stripes to the ends of the green stripes, but make sure that those that are located behind the skirt are longer than those in front.
  • You can sew straps from a braid or a wide ribbon for the top, so that it would better hold on to the girl. If you took a knitted top, then from the ribbon and tulle strips you can also make a beautiful weaving on the top.
  • Supplement the outfit with decorations and thematic accessories.
  • If you chose a blouse as the top of the outfit, just a short topic or top from a swimsuit in the form of two cockleshells, then you can sew a simple skirt-tail in your home.

  • You will need to cut out the green and shiny fabric (under the "fish scales") the front and back of the skirt is rectangular.
  • From blue and silvery fabric, cut out the belt, "fin" and "scales".
  • Two halves of the skirt stitch together. Across the top, tightly sew "scales" and sew a belt, in which you will need to insert an elastic band.
  • A piece of cloth depicting the "fin" must be gathered and sewed to the bottom of the skirt. That's all.
  • The ideal tail option is a long narrow skirtin the floor, which can be decorated with bulk frills from transparent organza. And if the edge of the shuttlecock is also strengthened with a thick fishing line, this will give them a flared shape. However, a child in such a suit can be uncomfortable. For a small girl, you can slightly remake this variant and insert the same organza (only densely collected) into the back seam of the skirt in the form of a wedge. Such a fish fin does not constrain the freedom of action and will look beautiful. You can add a tail in the form of a part that will be attached and removed (make it from a thin foam and sew it with a cloth). costume skirt There is an alternative skirt: you can take a narrow trousers or leggings and decorate them from below with frills from organza, and for the top use a transparent tunic. Decorate the details of the costume with paillettes, sequins, beads, beads, beads, rhinestones and other ornaments. A small girl will not need a special make-up, and young girls can decorate themselves using glitter, shades of sea shades, soft lipstick and blush. You can color strands of hair in green and blue or dress a wig.

    Mermaid costumes and makeup

    If you want to make a mermaid costume forswimming, an adult Halloween or some photo session on the ocean, then it is better to prepare as much as possible. To make the tail look like a real one, special effects, costume and makeup masters are advised to use whalebone, fishing line, real fins, flexible plastic, acrylic paints and other specific materials . Simulation of scales is done in different ways: tightly sewn crystals and beads across the entire surface of the tail row by row, scales are cut from polyethylene, pasted and painted, drawn by hand, etc. Mermaid Costume for HalloweenMaster class using body, cockleshells, glue and paints: Suit Patterns