How to make a Pirate costume with your own hands. Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a Pirate costume with your own hands. Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Children love parties and holidays, when you candress up some funny or scary costume, invite friends, fool around and have fun. Children's holidays do not accept pathos and strict observance of all norms of etiquette, their main task is to become a bright and memorable event in your child's life. Such parties and adults can come in costumes - who does not want to remember childhood? And no matter what holiday - New Year, Halloween, birthday or just themed fun - choose for yourself and the child an interesting image, think out costumes and entourage, decorate the house (if the event is held by you) and invite the guests. pirate costume for boys

Carnival costume of the pirate: the main components

One of the most common characters is a pirate. Despite the similarity of the elements and details of the costume, this image can be made very original, interesting and original. pirate costume for a girl If you want to make a pirate costume yourhands, you will see how easy and quick it is. Moreover, one can use even improvised materials or old unnecessary things. Of course, to create an entourage or some special characteristic details will need a little more time. However, in general, this image is very beneficial for the boy, and for the girl, and for adults on almost any holiday. As a rule, a pirate costume is distinguished by its brightness, multilayeredness and variety: after all, pirates were almost the kings of all seas and oceans. A regular image can consist of:

  • wide-brimmed hat-trilogy (with or without feathers, with pirate emblems - skull and daggers, etc.) or bandanas (kerchiefs);
  • high leather boots (for girls for an adult party, it is possible with the stylization of shoes for boots, for young children you can take black ballet flats or Czechs);
  • from a white / cream shirt with voluminous lushsleeves, jabots and cuffs (bring it into a pirate look - here and there leave traces from an enemy dagger, you can add blood to Halloween) or a sea vest (stripes can be black and white, or blue or red) - they should also be spoiled : make holes, sew pieces and shreds of multicolored fabric;
  • waistcoat / corset and frock coat / camisole (the latter option is more suitable for adults, as for children it is too heavy and uncomfortable);
  • comfortable pants (can be fulltrousers, or maybe breeches or capris, even regular leggings and long striped leggings will fit children) or skirts for girls (the skirt should be made asymmetrical, with a ragged hem, a fringe and a bunch of sewn embellishments;
  • belts (there may be several), a belt-kushak is a characteristic element;
  • a variety of additional parts(bandages for one eye, hook on hand, parrot on the shoulder, pistols or daggers / sabers behind the belt, tubes, treasure maps, telescope, chest or purse with gold coins, many rings on the fingers, broom, earring and other accessories ).

Before you make a pirate costume,decide on the way: for the youngest children the most convenient and simple options are selected, for teenagers (for pirate party or Halloween), you can do something more cute and elegant, for adults suitable and brutal or sexual images - imagine how cool to dress up for Halloween so that no one can distinguish you from Jack Sparrow or Angelica.

How to make a pirate costume for boys

First of all decide how and from what you will becreate a costume. It is not necessary to reproduce all the details in the children's image or to adhere to historical conformity. It is better to choose colors that are bright: red, black, burgundy, brown, a combination of marine colors and shades (rarely dark green or purple tones). The base for the costume can serve as an oldtrousers or even jeans. They will need to be cut off and decorated (pat the trimmed edges to make a fringe, sew patches, weave colorful threads). From this element you will build an image further: for example, with a denim capri will be well combined vest, and to wide pants that can be tucked into boots a white shirt will fit. See how easy it is to sew striped short pants for a small pirate.

  • Take comfortable baby pants. Fold them in half (so that the legs are together) - this will be a pattern.
  • Fold the striped cloth in half twice (following the direction of the strips on it). Put on her pants and make a marking with chalk or pencil (outline them).
  • Then you need to cut out what you have outlined. You will get two identical elements with a fold.
  • Stitch the parts together. Then add the rubber band to the belt and down to the trousers.
  • You can also make pants made of colored silk. Now go to the top of the suit. To the above-described panties is suitable vest, waistcoat and bright sash. And for black pants will have to make a shirt. It can be sewn on the same principle as the striped pants (choose a convenient thing for the child and use it as a pattern).

  • Consider that a pirate shirt is notmodern model, so leave more room under your armpits, make voluminous sleeves, a little longer. Leave the allowances on the seams and to tuck the fabric.
  • Around the shirt, cut out the neck in the fabric and leave a small slit in front (the head of the child should pass freely). Process the slot and the neck.
  • Sew a shirt.
  • Make magnificent cuffs on the sleeves. To do this, you need to trim the edge, and at a small distance from it, sew a piece of rubber (sewing, stretch it a little).
  • You can complete the product with a lanyard on the collar or lace frogs.
  • A vest can be made using the same technology,using a sleeveless T-shirt (you'll need a circled backrest detail with a fold and 2 gear parts to deepen the armholes and draw a triangular cutout on the front parts.) Cut the elements and then stitch them together. As a rule, pirate vests do not fasten, but are worn open, so the buttons on them can only wear a decorative character. The baby will only interfere with the baby. So you can go to shoes and accessories. A pirate can be barefoot, can wear striped leggings and dark boots (Czechs). Of course, high boots look more advantageous, but will the baby be comfortable in them.

    Work on accessories

    Fabric for belt or sash choose a bright(fleece, satin). Then he will approach both the classical version of the costume, and the image of the "sea wolf". Cut from the fabric and sweep (from the calculation, at least two times wrap the waist of the child). You can fasten something to not get untied and do not interfere to look for treasure. You can also wear a leather belt (or even a few). kostum-pirat-detal-04 kostum-pirat-detal-05 kostum-pirat-detal-06The most simple variant of a headdress -Bandana or kerchief, tied in piracy. You can see the diagrams, how the bandana is tied up and buy either a ready kerchief, or cut it out (triangle) from a suitable fabric and sew some decorating elements. With a hat a little more complicated. You can try to make it out of cardboard (take very tight). To do this you need:

    • Cut out the desired silhouette;
    • separately make a bezel that will hold the hat (pre-measuring on the child's head);
    • paint or decorate the product (white skull and bones, paper fringe, cockade, hanging ornaments).

    The headdress is made and made of fabric (strong and rigid), you can even glue the wrong side with non-woven fabric to keep the given shape well. You can make a hat in the form of a mask (for Halloweenthis is very important). The principle of production is the same, but instead of the rim, attach the silhouette of the hat to the stick using scotch tape. So the child will be able to keep his headgear and put it to the head if necessary. The bandage can be made from an ordinary piece of black cloth or cardboard (thread a tape or rubber on it). The bandage itself is also decorated with a skull with bones. kostum-pirat-detal-08It's easy to make a pirate hook: Take a disposable cup made of cardboard (preferably red or black at once, but you can color it) and make a hole in its bottom. The hook is made of food foil and inserted into the hole, and then fixed with glue. make a pirate hook A pirate tube can come from ordinary cardboard rolls from toilet paper. Use in the work of paint and artificial leather / fabric for pasting and decorating the future pipe. Weapons and other items can be bought or similarly made from cardboard and other improvised means. One condition - everything should shine and sparkle, because you are pirates. kostum-pirat-detal-01 kostum-pirat-detal-24

    We make a pirate costume for a girl

    Actually, all accessories and even many elements of pirate costume for girls and boys coincide. Only the image of pirate suggests more subtle forms and romantic details of the outfit. For example, a waistcoat can be made tight and withthe presence of many hooks and buttons. And you can replace it with a beautiful corset (the best option for girls on Halloween). Classic trousers are best exchanged for leggings (then a shirt or a vest is worn for release and tied with a belt). The skirt also looks good: it can be lush and multilayered, narrow and long, asymmetrical with torn edges and fringe. High boots with boots with bent bootlegs are suitable for older children, and a younger girl can be shod in low-heeled shoes with a buckle. More decorations, a bright make-up - and a little pirate is ready. As you can see, you can manage the minimal resources to create pirate costumes. Do not be afraid to fantasize and experiment: let the bright holiday forever be remembered by the child for its fun.

    Clothing, patterns

    Make-up «Jack Sparrow» for Halloween

    Do not forget about makeup. Eyes can be brought with a black pencil, and a mustache and beard either draw or glue. For adults, more complex make-up is recommended: See similar master classes: