How to make a cube of paper. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a cube of paper. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

In order to fold a cube of paper to usNeed a ruler, glue, scissors and, of course, paper. To make one origami you need to take at least three sheets of different colors. We will make a cube of six colors, which means we take 6 sheets of colored paper. So, we add origami - a cube of rubik according to a simplified scheme. cube of paper

Cube design scheme

  • Cut out six different colored sheets of paper 6square billets measuring 15x15 cm each. To ensure that the entire structure is not warped during assembly, it is necessary to withstand exactly the right angles of the squares. To check the accuracy it is enough to add a square diagonally. If all sides and angles coincide, then everything is in order. We put all the blanks in half.
  • Unfold and again bend both sides in half to the middle of the square. We should have four parallel equal strips on each square.
  • Again fold the workpiece along the extreme folds to the middle. We get a strip of 15x7.5 cm. Next, you need to make a diamond. To do this, wrap two opposing corners.
  • Once again, bending the corners, you need to make a small square.
  • We got six multicolored rhombs with bent edges under the squares. Nothing more to bend and fold will not. We have added 6 parts for the cube.
  • Now they must be inserted into the slots in the slots andgently glue together. For this, you can use both PVA glue and scotch tape. Paper can hold without binding, but that the structure does not fall apart at a critical moment, we glue it together.
  • The assembly scheme can be arbitrary. The main thing is to make sure that all six rhombuses take their places.
  • Here is an origami - a cube rubik in miniature can bemade of multi-colored paper. To give origami Russian motives, you can use paper to make 2 diamonds in a small flower or peas. Black paper and magazine sheets with printed text are another original combination for creating the Art Nouveau style.
  • The easiest cube

    Sometimes in a box with your favorite board game, suddenlythere is no cube with dots or digits. Do not get upset and put the game back on the shelf. We were still at school to learn how to make the most simple cube of paper or paperboard. The scheme is very simple. We fill out:

  • Drawing is done based on the size of the future cube. Draw four squares with a chain and two more on either side of the top square;
  • we draw "ears" to all the edges of our squares;
  • fold the cube, gluing the "ears" from the inside of the cube;
  • cut off the extra "ears";
  • draw on the sides of the cube points or numbers and play.
  • Japanese cube Yoshimoto

    This is a very interesting cube-transformer. The scheme of its assembly is so complicated in the description that it is not even worth starting. On the Internet there are a lot of videos with a sequential instruction of its folding. One can only say with certainty that not only will its assembly become a fascinating puzzle, but further game with this complex origami will not leave anyone indifferent. Look at similar master classes: