How to make a cube of paper in the origami technique according to the finished scheme.

How to make a cube of paper in the origami technique according to the finished scheme.

Have you ever thought about how to make a cube ofPaper and why is it needed? Let's say, how to make a cube made of cardboard in the home, we'll tell you and even show. And what are the useful features you give an origami cube? Prompt: Think about your children's blocks with letters, from which you learn to put the first words, still not knowing how to write. And if a paper cube to cover with pictures of old children's books, it will be no less interesting than in our distant childhood puzzle-designer. Three-dimensional cube made of paper or paperboard Variants of the game application of a cube from a colorPaper is not found. And thus it is not necessary to experience, that children will injure each other, throwing such toy. Our wooden ones were heavier. We are already ready to show how to make a cube of paper with our own hands right now. Are you ready to proceed?

Simple paper cube

The 3-D cube is folded fromSquare piece of paper without glue. And even scissors are not needed here. Is that cut off the extra "tail" from the A4 sheet to get a square blank. But the skill of inflating balloons is useful, because we will now teach you how to make an inflatable cube. Are they intrigued? Then let's start: How to fold a cube of paper with your own hands

  • Scheme 1 is your visual reference. It should be resorted to each time the folding algorithm seems complicated. Take a paper box and fold it on the diagonals, then in half - all this is just a markup;
  • Orienting the diagonals-folds, formTriangle, bending inside the lateral planes of the workpiece (see diagram). 4 of the walking corners at the base of the triangle, it is necessary to bend to the top 2 on each side of the workpiece;
  • Lateral opposite corners bend to the center- You have a vertical axis here. Repeat the action on the other side. The walking corners of one of the conical projections (at the second corners are "closed") are bent twice, so that they can be carefully tucked into the middle corners-pockets;
  • Similarly, double-fold the corners into the pockets on the back of the workpiece. The model of the cube is ready, it remains to give it volume. Find the open corner and through it blow out the layout.

Cube of modules: a prefabricated cube of 6 colors

How to make a cube of cardboard on its own we have alreadyConsidered above, and for this modular cube there will be enough colored paper of 6 colors (or 3 repeating ones). He and without the cardboard will get pretty dense due to the algorithm of folding modules (each individually and all put together). Let's start to understand step by step. Immediately warn that the whole process will be divided into 7 steps - the folding of modules and the assembly of the cube (you can glue on it - it will be stronger). For a while it will be spent, but the result will uniquely please you: the cubes will turn out to be bright, colorful, not requiring additional decorations or paintings. Origami cube of paper

  • Take a square piece of paper and fold itSo that the visible division is obtained in 4 identical rectangular planes (see Figure 2). Fold the small corners along the diagonal corners of the starting square;
  • Wrap the "leaf" of the sheet like a closureWindow shutters. Using the landmarks-corners (bent earlier), bend inside the previously unused corners, then refill them on both sides. A parallelogram is obtained;
  • Turn the structure upside down, bend the corners to yourself so that a small square with triangular ears-bends turns out. Make 5 more. Such modules.

Connect the blocks to the cube by inserting the corners of the modules intoMiddle planes-pockets of neighboring blocks. Demonstrate wit, in extreme cases, help scheme. How to make an origami cube of bright modules, you learned to practice. Try to glue the cube from the blocks during the build phase, so that it is even stronger and does not crash into the modules in the game. You can, of course, take a standard scan of the cube, just print it and glue it - ready templates are always at hand. And if the typical pattern does not suit you and the game requires an original counting cube, you can fold it yourself for one or two. What is easier, when you know how to make paper out of paper and not such wisdom. Perhaps you are interested in the schemes of folding a paper fortune teller or a frog that opens his mouth. Let's make a lot of paper cubes!