How to make ornaments for a Christmas tree from a polymeric clay? master class sculpting

How to make ornaments for a Christmas tree from a polymeric clay? master class sculpting

The bright time for the celebration of the new year is the seaideas that can be translated into reality. After all, I really want to please close and familiar, which is why we are constantly in search of new and unique ideas for winter handicrafts. Many mothers also add to the art of work on the crafts of their children, and master classes on the New Year theme are becoming more widespread and accessible to society.

How to make ornaments for a Christmas tree from a polymeric clay? master class sculpting

Sometimes, to make an interesting hand-crafted article,be sure to have in the arsenal of a large number of materials and tools. For example, polymer clay is an ideal solution for those who are in search of a unique and high-quality gift for the new year. It's very easy to make a New Year's craft, for this you need to get acquainted with the brightest representatives of this technique and find out how your tree is at risk of becoming even more vivid and interesting. To your attention we will offer three of the most interesting and unique ideas from polymer clay, which can be realized without special difficulties with their own hands. To create them, you need a little material, and most of them you will surely find in their supplies at home! Preparation of a souvenir decoration for a Christmas tree of polymer clay - Angel We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Photo №1 It will be required to take polymeric clay of FIMO brand,or a similar brand in blocks of 56 grams. It requires two blocks of white clay, one block of red and scarlet clay and one block of human skin color. Also we need a transparent varnish to fix our results and protect the crafts. We take special scissors with teeth - they will make a wave effect for the craft

  • It will take a thin wire of gold
  • Prepare the braid of gold shades
  • It will be necessary to take rouge
  • You will need a toothpick
  • Also take a set of stacks for sculpting figures
  • It will take a workspace for modeling
  • Prepare a rolling pin, as well as a bottle of glass, to decorate our craft
  • Need beads of golden color in the number of three pieces

Also, you should prepare special shapes for cutting hearts. But, you can also cut them yourself. Material preparation We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Photo # 2 Initially, we need to cut the clay frompolymers into small pieces, after we have made the necessary proportions of dimensions, we can sculpt the details of the future angel. Take the white clay in the number of seven pieces. It will also require one piece of clay for the dress, one for the wings. One we will use to create a collar (small piece) and of course, two pieces for sleeves, two pieces for candy. Corporeal clay, respectively, must also be divided into two pieces. One piece we will use for the head, the subsequent piece for the arms, legs and neck, it will be smaller. Red clay is taken in the amount of two pieces in the process of forming candy, as well as one piece for the hearts. Each piece must be softened and rolled into a ball shape. Scheme: sweet for an angel It is necessary to take white polymer clay in order to form from future sausages of the same size future candies. Exactly the same action is repeated with red clay. Next, we take one sausage of red color and one - white, in order to fold the materials together and then, twist them into a general version of the spiral. After, it is necessary to trim the ends of the product for alignment. Afterwards, bend the spirals along one side of the end. The second version of the candy is formed in the same way. Then you need to prepare scarlet hearts. For them, it is necessary to roll out the red plastic in the form of a leaf, and then use forms to cut out the corresponding forms of the hearts. In case there was no molding, we simply make our versions of hearts with simple notches of the writing knife. There must be at least six such hearts. For this craft, this will be enough. If you get more - save them for the future. Hearts should be baked separately for a quarter of an hour at a temperature of 130 degrees. Dress for an angel To make a dress, it is necessary to produce a roll in a pellet cake for a dress that will consist only of white clay. Using jagged scissors, we cut out with the help of wavy edges the shape we need. In the sharp end of the heart we will make the top of the dress, and on the rounded side to form its hem. Next, white balls must be rolled into the shape of sausages in the same format. Sausages will be more extended on one side. We spread the work on our heart in the form of a dress. We fix the ends of our product on the dress with a narrow side. Next, you need to roll out a white ball to form a collar for the craft, using the shape of a burrito. Then, we cut out the heart from the cake, using the same image as the dress-like example. The heart will turn out to be smaller than the dress version. The collar from the heart is necessary to lay out the outer layers, on top of the materials of the sleeve and dress from the heart. We bend one sharp end of our collar in the shape of the center for the end of the dress in the shape of a heart. The middle of the collar should be pressed with the help of hearts, which we baked earlier. Working on the body Next, we need to take the polymer clay and roll down the three color balls of the body. One ball will use to create the neck. Others will need to be divided into 2 pieces that will need to be applied to the arms and legs. The ball is slightly flattened and fastened to the collar, so that the shape of the neck is obtained. Then, we use balls in the form of a handle for sleeves. Then, the balls-legs will also flatten and attach under the hem of the dress, using the reverse side of the product. Take a piece of clay to form a head. From it you will need to make a ball. Then, the ball will need to be flattened slightly at the front. So we get the face variant. Next, we produce a piece of a small piece of wire in order to insert it for the neck of the future angel. The tip of the wire should go to the outer part. Further, this tip of the wire sits on the head and is forced to the neck. The wire is needed to keep the neck and head together, and the head element does not move away. Next, using a toothpick, we make two points in the shape of the eye to form the face of the future angel. Angel cheeks should be smeared with blush. Hair and decor elements To make hair, you need to take a golden wire and cut it into five pieces. Then, they need to bend into the curls, or hearts and insert them into the head for the angel, using the perimeter of the back of the head. After, cut off a small piece of golden wire to bend it into the shape of a round drop. Next, the product is inserted with endings into the angel's head that is on the back. We get the Nimbus. Then, the wings of the angel are formed. They are made according to the same pattern as the dress. Wings also need to be closed with the back of the dress, as well as the back of the head. Then, the wings are pressed into the forms of baked hearts from red clay. The end of the work on the angel Lollipops, which we did, must be secured for one of those sleeves of the angel that you want to use. Next, using a toothpick, we form beautiful patterns for the dress, and also make patterns of the wings and collar. Then, using a needle, pierce holes for the hands of an angel. For these holes will use a fishing line with beads, or ribbons. The work must be baked at a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius for half an hour. Next, the angel must be slightly cooled. After that, the craftsmanship must be covered with a clear varnish. We weave a gold ribbon into the halo, and then into the hair of an angel. We decorate it with beads and then put the angel on the Christmas tree! Cooking New Year's Santa Claus! We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Picture №3 Since we already have an angel, we can make an additional decoration in the form of New Year's grandfather Frost, who will decorate our craft and become a true friend for Angel. We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Photo №4

  • Prepare the polymer clay white, red, beige and yellow
  • Take a knife that will help cut the details
  • Oven

We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Photo №5 In the absence of beige clay, it is necessaryproduce a mix of several colors of brown, yellow, red and white in order to get the desired option. We form a round face variant for the future grandfather of frost. Then, take the white clay and form two sausages, which will become the mustache of the future Santa Claus. Then, a spout is formed. To do this, you need to make a round cake and fix it on the mustache. Then, the mouth is formed with clay red and beige. We use white sausages in order to form the curls, which will become the beard of the fairy-tale character. We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Photo №6 Take the red clay and blind the option of elongatedrectangle to fold it into the shape of the cap. At the edge of the cap we will make out the design with the help of white clay, and on the tip we will form a pomponchik. Next, using a knife, as well as a toothpick, we draw a variant of a knitted pattern. Then, the toy should be baked in accordance with your instructions on the clay. So one more character is ready! We make New Year crafts made of clay for the Christmas tree. Photo №7