How to make decoupage bottles using pantyhose you learn from the materials of this article

How to make decoupage bottles using pantyhose you learn from the materials of this article

How to make decoupage bottles with pantyhose -an interesting question that has a fairly simple answer. From this article you will learn about the basic techniques of this method of decoupage techniques. Using the material, each person will be able to independently decorate the bottle, especially since this will take a small amount of time, and the product itself will acquire an unusual, vivid appearance. Decoupage, which appeared several centuries ago in the most romantic country in the world, in France, is still relevant today. This technique involves decorating various objects with simple materials, drawing drawings on them. Ordinary empty or full bottles are no exception. With the help of decoupage, you can make a beautiful surprise from a regular bottle, a gift for a loved one or a real work of art that will become an exclusive element of the decor of your own home. For the decoration of bottles, absolutely any material is used, even the most unpredictable. One such material is the usual tights or kapron stockings, which are always found in the home of every girl or woman. Suitable tights of any density and color. In the article we will tell you how to make decoupage bottles with the help of pantyhose. At once it should be noted that the result is always unpredictable, but from this, no less remarkable. Even if we try to display a ready-made drawing on which we rely in our work, as a rule, something else will turn out, at times, better than the original. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to display exactly all the wrinkles on the bottle. In each case, they are different, creating their own relief and texture of the surface. How to make decoupage bottles with pantyhose. Photo №1 To get started, we will first prepare a simple and very necessary material. We need to take:

  • a bottle, you can choose any glass container that will be in your house, in particular because of alcohol, olive oil and so on;
  • means for degreasing the surface (alcohol, acetone, liquid intended for removing varnish);
  • pantyhose or stockings, preferably a larger size, then drapery from the folds will look richer and more beautiful;
  • sharp scissors;
  • adhesive PVA and capacity for it;
  • napkins, which are patterned for decoupage;
  • brushes of different thicknesses;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • varnish.

The first step in the work will bepreparation of the bottle for decoupage. It must be soaked in cold water for the whole night. It is necessary that the labels are easily peeled off. After the bottle is cleaned of paper, it must be thoroughly degreased with one of the pre-prepared media. Just do it carefully, so that the fingerprints of your own fingers do not remain on the glass surface of the bottle. How to make decoupage bottles with pantyhose. Photo # 2 Next, try on tights or stockings on the prepared bottle. We trim the excess part with scissors. It is important to ensure that the stock of pantyhose was sufficient, then the drapery will turn out very beautiful. How to make decoupage bottles with pantyhose. Picture №3 Now prepare the glue. PVA, we will dilute with water in the capacity for this purpose in a ratio of one to one. Soak in the resulting mixture of pantyhose. It must be completely impregnated with the glue mixture. How to make decoupage bottles with pantyhose. Photo №4 Next we need to pull pantyhose onto the bottle. In advance, you need to identify the place that will serve as a platform for drawing on a napkin. This part should remain smooth, free of wrinkles. All the rest of the surface of the bottle should be covered with folds. Draping can be chosen at your discretion. Cords can be arranged as your imagination tells you. Well you need to work with the neck of the bottle. It is necessary to make a small side. It should slightly cover the place where the bottle comes into contact with the cork or lid. This is especially important if there is content in it, which sooner or later will need to be retrieved from there. After these actions, the bottle should be left for a while, so that it completely dried up. As a rule, the natural process of drying takes from a day to two, but it can also be accelerated. To do this, often used hair dryer, which dries for thirty minutes or slightly longer. In the event that the background image for decoupage has a light tone, then the area intended for its placement is painted with white acrylic paint. If the drawing is in dark color, then the area should be painted black. Apply the paint in several layers. Each previous one must dry up, only after that the next layer is applied. Now the bottle needs to be covered with brushes matte acrylic paint in black. Do this very carefully, covering each fold. There should be no uncolored places. Also, paint and cover the bottle. Now leave the product until it dries completely. Next, we need to prepare a picture for decoupage. To the edges on the bottle was easier to hide, you need to extract the part with the drawing, and not cut it. Carefully separate that layer of napkin, on which the picture is applied. Then a napkin with a picture needs to be put on the file. The drawing should touch the file, not the top. Wipe the cloth with water. File with a napkin pressed to the prepared on the bottle platform, so that the picture was resized. At this time, make sure that there are no creases on the surface of the picture. We will remove the file, and the image itself will be covered with a mixture of glue and water (ratio one to one). Again leave the product to dry. Next we need to take acrylic paints, gold or silver, and cover them with all the creases on the bottle, so we'll create an unusual texture of the product. Again, you need to wait until the paint dries. Using silver or gold paint, you need to draw a contour around the picture, creating an openwork frame. It must block the transition from dark to light. Similarly, on the contour, we will make a beautiful openwork application on the lid of the bottle. After the paint has dried, the product will be varnished. Let's leave until the varnish dries, and you can use the bottle for its intended purpose. How to make decoupage bottles with pantyhose. Photo №5 Council. If the bottle with the contents, then the bottom of it is better left uncolored, then you can control its state. As a result, we get beautiful products-souvenirs.