How to make a doll house out of the box with your own hands, master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make a doll house out of the box with your own hands, master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

In order to make a doll house out of the box, you will need:

  • cardboard boxes from anything (household appliances, shoes, bananas or even juices);
  • Scissors and a sharp knife (do not give children in their hands!);
  • line;
  • clips or clothespins;
  • adhesive ("Moment" or PVA);
  • cardboard (it can be cut from other boxes);
  • adhesive glue gun or usual brush for glue;
  • at will - brush and paint;
  • finishing material (the remains of unnecessary kitchen oilcloth, wallpaper, self-adhesive film, beautiful wrapping paper, pieces of fabric, faience tiles, foam ceiling tiles);
  • anything: scraps of lace, New Year's "rain", pieces of fringe, satin ribbons or braid, bows from gifts, chopsticks from a scattered Vietnamese rug, toothpicks, pieces of bamboo blinds, plastic cork.


Making a house for dolls

First of all, you should determine the size. A doll house out of a box can be any size: from a small one, from a box from shoes, to a huge one, from several boxes of household appliances. Everything depends only on the area of ​​the children's room, the size of the dolls and the grandiosity of your plans. doll house-3 doll house-3Suppose you want to build your own handsa puppet house of medium size. Take a few cardboard boxes. These will be rooms for dolls. The front walls of the boxes are cut off: the doll house must be open. Boxes can be installed in two floors and equip them with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Boxes should be carefully glued together. The roof of the house from the boxes can be made pointed, using for this two pieces of cardboard from the cut off front walls. If you do not want to bother with a few boxes, you can make a house out of the box from something big (for example, from a TV set), dividing its interior space with cardboard partitions. doll house-4 doll house-5Remember that children are not yet so good atwork with their own hands, like adults. Therefore, although the PVA glue does not grasp so quickly, it is washed easier and there is less possible damage from it than from the "Moment". That the glued construction is not parted, the parts must be secured with linen clothespins or paper clips before the glue dries. In the side walls, a sharp knife should cut through the windows and cover the sections with colored paper. doll house-7 kukolnyj-domik-6The floors of rooms are pasted with oilcloth orself-adhesive tape, for the living room it would be good to choose a material that imitates wood or parquet. For the floor of the bathroom is a real faience tile. On the ceiling of the living room you can paste a piece of foamy ceiling tiles. As wallpapers you can use as real wallpaper, and fabric or wrapping paper. If you prefer to paint the walls of rooms with your own hands, instead of wallpaper you need to paste white or one-color colored paper. doll house-8

Some ideas for making doll houses from boxes

house from the McDonald's boxIf you are a fan of small forms or simply notare set up to create with their own hands something monumental, a house for dolls can be made from a McDonald's box or a box from a New Year's gift. By the way, there are also holidays for the puppets, that is why it is customary to decorate the boxes from the boxes for the New Year with rain, garlands, cones, spruce twigs. "Summer Garden" for dolls can be arranged by using as plastic pots plastic plugs wrapped in foil, and as flowers - bows from gifts. Beautiful curtains are obtained from lace or pieces of guipure. doll house-9If there are too many dolls, you will not get anything.will remain, except how to make a house of boxes multi-story. You can make a staircase with your own hands, cutting it out of two strips of corrugated cardboard, fastened together by cardboard rectangles-"steps". As a handrail, you can use matches or toothpicks. stairs staircase-2For a child to make a house for dolls own hands- a special pleasure. Creating a house of boxes, a young designer gets the opportunity to arrange space to your liking, develop logic and practical note.

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