How to make a doll out of threads: interesting ideas (photo and video)

How to make a doll out of threads: interesting ideas (photo and video)


The old truth is like the world, that there is no better gift,Than that made by oneself, is still alive today - in the age of rapidly developing high-tech IP. And let the store shelves are full of the most diverse goods - for all tastes, colors and sizes of the purse, then, what you put your soul into is unique. Even more interesting is the process of creating a small masterpiece. To be a witness of how something from almost nothing is born - a fabulous pleasure. Try it, and you will see for yourself that the hands of each of us can create a miracle from the simplest materials. For example, thread. Of these, you can do anything you like, for example, elegant dolls or funny toys.
A doll of threads with your own hands is the simplest, low-cost and interesting version of a gift or accessory. Ways to create it a lot. Here are just two of them, and what different!

How to make a doll of threads

For our first doll of thread with fun braids need:

  • Remnants of acrylic yarn of white / beige / milky color or any shade that you have;
  • Yarn of dark shades;
  • Black / brown / copper yarn;
  • A little pink thread;
  • A small amount of bright red yarn;
  • Needle (gypsy);
  • cardboard;
  • scissors.

First of all we will make the skeleton of the dolls of threads. For this yarn white / beige / milky color we put in a kind of long skein, the length of which is 40-50 cm (plus / minus 5 cm). The width (volume) of the skein is two to three fingers of an adult. Then bend the resulting billet in half, getting the output of the hanks length of centimeters to 20.

Our next step is to create a luxurious hairstyleDolls. Here we will need cardboard (this can be, for example, the bottom of the shoe box without the sides - cut in half). We reel on it (not in length - in width) black / brown / copper thread. It is necessary to make up to 60 revolutions around the cardboard.
Then we bandage one of the two sides of the cardboardFuture hair with a thread of the same shade - strictly in the center. We make a tight knot. The dressing should be at least 10-15 cm long, so it fits seamlessly into the future hairstyle. On the back of the cardboard we cut the wound yarn with scissors - also strictly in the center.

We attach the hair to the first billet of lightThread and gradually form the head. To do this simply - on top of the black / brown copper bandages thread the light, folded twice, properly tie them with yarn of the same shade. Then the light threads are folded again in half, and after measuring from one centimeter to one and a half or two, we tightly tie the base of the head with a light thread (the symbolic region of the neck).
We braid hair in a pigtail, pulling them in the end with a bow of pink (red) yarn (so as not to break). We trim the tips of scythe with scissors.
And now we "sculpt" the doll's hands. Separate from the core of the thread approximately the same volume of threads. It is better to do this not on weight, but on the table, so that the threads do not scatter. From the bottom end of each handle we retreat by centimeter and we band the separated yarn with a thread in tone. The ends of the received brushes on both sides are trimmed with scissors.

With the same thread we band all the remainingHamsters in the waist. And we decorate it with a skirt made from yarn of juicy colors that you need. For this, we need cardboard again. In this round it should be made not less than 70 turns, that the skirt turned out magnificent. Then, on the one side and the other side of the cardboard (center), thread the same color under the wound yarn (its length should be 20 centimeters on both sides). But this time we do not tie the thread. Carefully cut the scissors with yarn from both sides of the cardboard and get two equivalent halves of the skirt. One is imposed from the front side of the doll, the other - from the back. We do this in such a way that the middle of the threads is exactly on the waist. We firmly tie the skirt with those yarns that the yarn on the cardboard was podding. Evenly, we will loosen the yarn so that it covers not only the front and back, but also the sides of the doll. From above you can make a girdle of the same pink thread that went to the bows. The skirt at your discretion may be longer than the trunk of the doll or shorter. In any case, it should be trimmed with scissors.
On request, you can make the face of our beautiful. For this, with the help of a black thread and a gypsy needle, we embroider our eyes. Red thread - a smiling mouth, beige - nose with a button. If you do not like the plaits sticking out in different directions, you can also sew them to the doll's head - two or three inconspicuous stitches. The doll of threads is ready. And if you stick a tape to it, you'll get a beautiful keychain on a bag or schoolbag. Such a gift, made by own hands, will not leave anyone indifferent!

Video: a variety of dolls of threads with their own hands

Sweet toy of thread

From ordinary threads you can make amazing toys. Let's say a touching octopus. And not one! All you need is:

  • Woolen threads of any color;
  • Piece of fabric / foam rubber;
  • Wool yarn of the opposite color;
  • Cardboard or wood surface;
  • scissors;
  • Beads / small beads;
  • Red thread;
  • Stationery / hair band;
  • A needle with a wide eye.

We reel around cardboard (it can also beThe bottom of the shoe box or candy, or the wooden surface) 60-80 circles of thread of the color you choose. At the center of the skein on one side of the cardboard thread the contrasting color and tie it. On the other hand, we cut the coiled yarn (clearly in the center).
From a piece of fabric / foam we make a small ballAnd push it under the tied strings, carefully disguising it under them. This is the head of a toy of threads. Under it, tighten a thread in the tone of the main yarn.
And now, in fact, the legs of an octopus. To do this, we divide all the threads into 8 equal parts. We braid them like pigtails. Stepping back from the bottom of the pigtail 1 cm (you can and less - as you like) tightly tie it with a thread of the polar from the main color (it is better to make 2-3 turns before the nodule). That the rest of the yarn is divided into uniform parts does not interfere, fix it with elastic bands. As we weave the braids, we remove them.
Revitalize the head of an octopus - from beads or smallBeads we sew eyes. From the red thread - a provocative smile. The nose of an octopus can be embroidered both from contrasting threads, so from yarn to tone. All that is needed for this is to make a few stitches in one place (a kind of bugorochek).

By the way, these toys of threads will be especially amusing,If do hair. They should be the same color as the octopus legs. Hair can be made first separately from wound and tied in the middle of the thread, and then sew. And you can immediately enter them with a needle, fixing small nodules - each hair separately. As you like best. In any case, the hair (thick and smooth, different in length and fluffy, short and protruding with a provocative hedgehog) will give the octopus a special charm. And if you do a ribbon or ribbon between your hair, threading beads on it, the toys from the threads will turn into a completely exclusive accessory or decoration. It will be possible to hang it not only on the bag, but also over the crib, on the lampshade, the chest handle. Especially interesting will look a flock of octopuses of different colors and sizes.
Dolls, toys made with their own hands and even from threads - not just an excellent gift, but also an interesting time of escort, especially with children. Try it, you'll definitely like it.

Video: funny animals from threads