How to make an origami pigeon: step-by-step schemes, video / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make an origami pigeon: step-by-step schemes, video / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

In many world cultures the symbol of joy,good news and peace is considered a dove. Snow-white birds are released into the sky at various festivities, for example, newlyweds at a wedding - to attract love, luck and happiness in family life, or babes at the celebrations dedicated to May 9 - in honor of victory and peace for the whole earth. If you want to make own hands an original and symbolic gift, you can try to craft a winged bird, personifying good, from paper. Especially actual production of such crafts will be for children, because the usual pigeon origami is done very quickly and simply.

Paper art for creating beautiful figures

For the first time the origami pigeon was created by Ellis Gray,curator of the American Museum of Natural History, which has tried to spread the origami art and created an excellent practical book - "Origami Magic" (1977). A figurine of a dove in the technique of a simple origamiwith their own hands is not difficult. If you are new to this business, then at first you will need a scheme to assemble it, but eventually you will learn how to fold paper sheets into beautiful crafts almost automatically and without the help of the proposed scheme, and maybe even come up with your own. , it will be possible to switch to modular origami, which you can do with your own hands is a bit more complicated. Draw children to the origami assembly, because creating paper figures fine trains fine motor skills, develops creative skills, logical thinking f, fantasy, besides the work process is an excellent joint pastime for the whole family.

Simple and complex ways to create beautiful birds

The easiest scheme for assembling a dove out of paper will be understandable and accessible even for children.

  • Take a sheet of paper of a square shape and bend it in half diagonally.
  • You will get a triangle, which you also need to bend in half, and then bend the upper corner of it in the specified proportion.
  • Turn over your workpiece (the bend of the corner that you just made should be down).
  • In the same way, bend the second edge, and then turn the lower corner to the right.
  • Turn the workpiece over again to make similar bends on the opposite edge of the workpiece.
  • Now wrap a little to the left of the top of the figure that you got and straighten this fold, and turning it around, bend the paper along the line of the fold just made, but in the opposite direction.
  • Unfold the fold and flip the workpiece.
  • Raise the resulting winglet and place it perpendicular to the body of the figure.
  • The same thing must be done on the other side of the dove, so that another wing comes out.
  • Then bend a small angle - it will be a beak. Bend it to the other side along the same line.
  • Turn the bird over the tummy and spread its wings.
  • Form the tail.
  • Here you have an origami pigeon, made by yourself. You can draw his eyes, and in the beak give a green twig of paper or decorate at your discretion.
  • Dove of origami To make a pigeon in a modularorigami, you will need to prepare a lot of white triangular modules (to create a small figure you need more than 700 modules of different sizes, for example, smaller modules will be needed to form the head, neck, beak or paws of a bird). The clamping in modular origami occurs by dressing the modules on a friend, however, some parts of the figure have to be attached to glue (PVA, Dragon, etc.), so that they are better kept. And also you can diversify the figure by making your dove with a fluffy tail, for example, or with punches wings in flight, or with a tuft, etc. The dove, as a symbol of the world, is usually done in white, but if you create a hand-craft not only in this context, the bird can be either two-colored or multicolored. If you manage to collect many birds, then you can attach them to the fishing line and use it as a pendant or a garland. Let paper pigeons, made by themselves, actually bring happiness, prosperity, peace and joy into your home! See similar master classes: