How to make an Easter Quilling yourself? Easter egg and basket

How to make an Easter Quilling yourself? Easter egg and basket

Easter basket and eggs with own hands

Easter basket and eggs with your own hands. Photo №1

On the day when most of the country freezes withwith the cry "Christ is Risen," and in response, "Truly Risen" is heard, there is only a desire to get as much good and share it with the whole world. That is why the Easter eggs were invented, as well as baskets, with which we can receive the blessing from God and share it with others. Today we will teach you how to create your own gifts and souvenirs for close people, through which you can do your own good. In the basis of our craft, we take two key items: the Easter basket and the Easter egg. Each of them is not difficult to implement, you need to have several quilling tools, as well as the desire to follow the instructions. Such eggs can be given as a gift to their friends, friends, relatives and relatives. The basket will become a convenient means for storing your food for a picnic or as a receptacle for church services.

  • Box
  • Whatman
  • Quilling paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Quilling tool

Making an Easter basket

Easter basket and eggs with your own hands. Photo # 2 To create an Easter egg we will needSpecial, round box (from under cheese), or from under the cake. Take such a box you need in your hands and pasted with a strip of paper in the width of 2.5-3 centimeters. Then, using a strip of Whatman, build a special pen, with which you will be carrying your basket. The capsule should have a monochrome color and not too attract attention to itself by its forms. The strip-handle can also be secured with auxiliary elements, for example, tape. You can decorate it with the help of an ornament or using the element of lace.

Frame and design

Easter basket and eggs with your own hands. Picture №3 But, this is only the skeleton of our future product. Next, we need to decorate it with the help of auxiliary resources. In this case, the best options for decorating are the form modules. Modules of such can be an infinite number, they can alternate and vice versa, look somewhat seeded. But we recommend to make a symmetrical box, so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Drop, Diamond and Circle - this is an excellent solution for blanks in this case. They should be approximately the same size and diameter. Their glue on the basis of our Easter basket. Work is done!

Basket Decoration

Easter basket and eggs with your own hands. Photo №4 Next, decorate the basket with the help ofauxiliary elements. Take the green paper and cut the small strips of grass. It is desirable that the paper is two-sided. Next, wind the washers with quilling paper. For this it is enough to take from 15 to 20 strips of paper. The puck is half of our egg. Next, take the next washer and after, connect them with glue. The middle line at the junction of the two washers is combined with a strip of paper. Decorate Easter eggs can be a variety of colors, or mixes of flowers. Thanks to a set of features, it's very easy to do this. Now, you just need to put it all in our Easter basket, and here's the whole gift set! You can also decorate it and give it to someone close to you! Easter basket and eggs with their own hands is done!