How to make a frog from paper - step by step instruction.

How to make a frog from paper - step by step instruction.

Do you come up with new fun for children? Then it will be useful for you to learn how to make a frog from paper - a funny hopping or a croak, funnily opening your mouth. You can lay down a whole family of toy amphibians, using simple schemes below. Then arrange a comic competition, whose origami frog quickly jumps to the goal. From a large sheet, a real princess frog will turn out, and from her little leaves will come out her wonderful frogs. You need only paper, and with the eyes of your beast will provide any marker. Language - original additional applique. Let's start? Do not worry, our step-by-step instructions will support you at every step of the process. How to Make a Frog from Paper

Option 1: the simplest manufacturing scheme

Let's start with a very simple scheme. The frog folded according to this scheme is perfect for warming up and for understanding the general principles of origami technique. Origami frog made of paper - step by step instruction Figure 1: simple frog pattern

Option 2: jumping craft

How to make a frog out of paper in a couple of minutes,Will show the figure 2. As you can see, so that the frog jumps, the folds of the leaf are made according to the principle of a spring, which is given the shape of a amusing amphibian. Nothing complicated, it's for the strengths even for kids. To force a frog to ride is not difficult: you need to press your finger on the back of the toy and sharply release it, "sliding off" back. However, about everything first and in order: Make a paper frog that jumps - it's easy! Figure 2: The Bouncing Frog

  • First we will learn how to make a frog from a rectangular leaf slightly narrower in shape. Divide this sheet into 2 equal squares with a middle inflection;
  • Each of the squares add up so that they form a diagonal markup (see Figure 2), fold the future frog by folding the planes inward, as shown in the diagram;
  • Bend the free corners "ears" out - this is the beginning of the formation of a spring mechanism, to which the leaping frog will be obliged by its skills;
  • Turn the workpiece downwards with the front part and form the head part of the toy, bending the upper corners of the part (densely live bends) to itself;
  • Capturing bottom "foot", together with the main body parts, the workpiece 2 will make a fold, forming the spring back of the jog amphibian;
  • The jumping frog is folded, it remains to draw her eyes and stick a tongue. So it becomes even more interesting - much more realistic and funnier.

Similarly, we can add such an article fromSquare sheet of regular shape. Here everything is even simpler than with a rectangular paper blank (see Figure 2). Use different sizes of paper, thinking about how to make a leaping frog larger or smaller. But a toy that will participate in competitions for range or jump height should all be made from a sheet of paper of the same size (large frogs jump both higher and further).

Option 3: a funny frog that opens its mouth

Have you folded a cuckoo that jumps? No less ridiculous will turn out to be a croaking frog, and the time will not take more than its predecessor. It also needs to be made from a square sheet folded into the right rectangle. Consider step by step how to make a croaking frog. We recommend for "rehearsal" to take a sheet of more, so you can easily master the folding algorithm. So: Origami frog that opens the mouth

  • Folded into a rectangle a square sheet (with the edge up, as in Figure 3), bend it according to the scheme, pay attention to the resulting "pockets" in the upper corners of the workpiece;
  • Next, fold the package in stages, relying on the scheme, systematically bending the corners mainly from the "head" part of the toy;
  • Having received the form of the billet "house", bend the front planes of the toy. It's already possible to make a toad, and only your acting skills are responsible for the sound production;
  • Stretching the muzzle of a frog with an opening mouth in different directions as an accordion, you can imitate a talking or even amusing singing amphibian.

Among all paper characters such a frogOccupies a special place. This is not a decorative, but exclusively a playful friend of each child, motivating to directing inventions. Each time the baby will give the paper frog a new role: the marsh frog, the funny singer, the talkative "clever", etc. And, of course, making this toy with your own hands is an excellent practical skill, one of the new stages of understanding origami art. Option 4: Ready-made paper frog Making a paper frog is easy! Figure 4: We collect on the glue Do not understand how to make an origami frog on the described options or do not want to deal with this? Ready-made paper pattern (Scheme 4) - your easy way of making a funny toy without any difficulties. A fake from a frog-hilarious paper is a ready-made template that can be printed in any desired size. Remains cut out the parts and collect them on the glue for 1-2 minutes. How to make paper from other animals, see our section "Origami". Here are collected the most interesting paper crafts (original envelopes, elegant roses from corrugated paper, spring tulips and other flowers, figurines of paper technology, classic handicrafts, like a japanese crane or paper swan) to your frog from paper was not boring. Fold other articles from paper to make your collection even more interesting and diverse.