How to make a doll from pantyhose

How to make a doll from pantyhose

Despite the huge range of toys in theshops, in our time still highly valued toys made by yourself. Puppets, for example, can be made from almost anything. Today we will consider the way to create a pretty doll of pantyhose. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, ordinary nylon pantyhose or stockings can be an excellent basis for creating dolls. In order to make a doll you need:

  • Kapron tights or flesh-colored stockings;
  • Needle with thread under the color of tights;
  • Colored fabric;
  • Woolen threads, from which we will make hair;
  • Wire;
  • Synthepon;
  • Beads for the eyes.

The most remarkable detail of the doll will be herface, therefore it is necessary to start making it from him, and to make the most expressive. Cut off the bottom of the tights and fill it with sintepon. This will be the head of the future doll. In order to form a nose, you can report the ball from the sintepon in the right place, or then sew a capron-covered nose on top. And we start with the help of needles and threads to form facial features. How to make a doll out of pantyhose. Photo №4 Once the face is fully formed, you canto start creating a trunk. Here it is necessary to adhere to the proportions of a person. Torso = approximately 5 times the length of the head. The frame of the trunk is made of wire, covered with a small layer of sintepon. This process is quite laborious, so have patience. In principle, if your doll is dressed in a long, to the toe, a plastic bottle can be used as a frame. It also needs to be wrapped in a sintepon and put in a stocking. Then from the wire it will be necessary to form only hands. At the end of the colored fabric you need to make clothesfor our doll. Here you can already give vent to your imagination, - it can be a dress, sarafan or panties. And from woolen threads to form a hairdress. So we managed to make a doll with our own hands. In this way, with a little imagination, you can make both a cute doll and a caricature figure of your friend. It will please you and your children for a long time.