How to make an interesting costume of Baba Yaga at home / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make an interesting costume of Baba Yaga at home / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The costume of Baba Yaga is not very time consumingand finance. You can say that you can make Baba Yaga's costume with your own hands even from improvised means. New materials here to anything - the older the fabrics will be, the more effective the outfit will look.

Costume of Baba Yaga for a girl with her own hands

To create such an originalcarnival vestments, you will not only need to sew, but use other techniques to create details. A distinctive feature of such a fairy-tale character is an expressive long nose. Of course, it is easy to buy in the departments with goods for the holidays, but it is not difficult to fashion it yourself. The first step is to make a mold from plasticine. Do not try to make it very thick, the main thing is that it does not shine through. The next step is to smear the plasticine nose from the outside with PVA glue. Take a thin paper, tear it into very small pieces and glue it to the plasticine form. Next, mix the yellow, red and white colors of the gouache so that it turns out to be solid, and color the nose when the glue dries. The best way to fix the nose is to make holes on the sides and to put on the elastic band. Costume of Baba Yaga for girl-12 Dress sewing is very simple. It is enough to find an old dark cloth, cut out of it two large details of a long dress with a long sleeve and sew them. The main condition - the dress should be large and wide, so that it can be easily worn over the head. On the dress must make patches of contrasting and colorful fabrics. The vest is better to make from dense fabrics of dark color. We cut out a back and two identical lateral details, we connect them on each side and from above. In the center of the side parts we make holes, through which we need to pass the cord and tie it. Costume of Baba Yaga for girl-11If you do not have a broom in mini-format at home, itsyou need to do it yourself. We take a thick stick about one meter in length, and the area just above its tip is wound with long, thick, dry twigs. Find a shaggy long wig or brush your hair and tie a bandana around it in the form of a bandana. If she does not hold on to the wig, fix it with invisible ones.

A simple suit of Yagi's own hands

It is not necessary to sew a dress, enoughUse an old man's dark shirt and a long woman's skirt. Decorate their patches necessarily. Of course, the skirt will be too large, and you need to gird it with a dark ribbon. Costume of Baba Yagi-3If you use a wig, and a handkerchief tiedas a bandana, it does not hold well, tie it under the chin. It is possible to make large beads that perfectly fit into such an image. It is better to pick up large beads, different in color and size. And, preferably two rows of beads are used. Instead of an apron, you can tie a colorful large scarf or shawl.

Original outfit Yabi Baba for a girl with her own hands

If you do not know how to make a Baba Yaga costumewith their own hands, which will differ in originality, use not only advice, but also your imagination to make bright notes. You can make your dry berries with your own hands. Good for hawthorn and mountain ash. We thread a long thread in the needle and, piercing berries, string them on a string. Next, connect its tips with two knots. An interesting detail for Yaga's image is an apron that can be made from a semicircular and thin long piece of cloth. Costume of Baba Yaga-2You can take a shirt like a normal man's shirt, but a skirtit is easy to create from different long pieces of fabric and elastic. Such a colorful skirt flawlessly fit into the image. The bag can be sewn from small pieces. Multicolored pieces of fabric we sew together, and then cut the edges to make a rectangle. Look at similar master classes: