How to make a hedgehog with your own hands made of fabric, fur, pompoms, pattern, photo / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a hedgehog with your own hands made of fabric, fur, pompoms, pattern, photo / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

Today you can buy almost any toy for your baby, but it's much more fun to make it yourself. All his favorite character hedgehog is gaining life thanks to an unobtrusive set of materials. A soft toy made of fur or pompons will be an ideal gift for the baby, and if your child can already hold scissors, it is worthwhile to attract such a valuable assistant to the process.

Hedgehog from fur

hedgehog made of fur and clothIn order to sew a hedgehog you need to take the following materials:

  • fur with medium pile;
  • small flap of artificial leather;
  • velours;
  • fabric with a printed pattern;
  • cardboard;
  • wire (22 cm);
  • Dense fabric;
  • black beads (3 pcs).

Click to enlarge the pattern of the hedgehog.Their furs make a pattern of the head. From the velor fabric we will cut out four legs and a muzzle. Artificial leather is used for the ears and feet, without which the hedgehog will look incomplete. From the material with printed pattern will get a good torso. We create slippers from dense fabric. From the cardboard you need to make soles, and the wire will go to the frame. Steps of work1. To begin with, one should sew the tucks necessary for the details of the head. On the pattern it is necessary to note the points where the ears and other details of the muzzle will be fastened in the future. Half of the head is sewn on the middle seam. Make it simple. Then you need to unscrew the product and fill it with a well-thought-out filler. Here, the future soft toy has found a head. Further we make a strike of darts on the trunk. In doing so, leave the lower cut (where the bast shoes are) and the top cut open. It would be wrong to sew it now. Now the back seams are sewn on slippers, into which the soft toy hedgehog will be shod. The shoe is turned out, and the sole is made with your own hands. The slippers are tapered to the lower torso section. The toy should be turned out, cardboard is put inside slippers, in the legs it is necessary to make a frame. Slippers, legs and trunk stuffed with filler. Using a secret seam, you need to sew a trunk and head. The hedgehog is almost ready.4. It remains a little: to make a strike of the details of the front legs, the lower sections are still open. The paws are twisted and filled with packing. In open paws you need to put your palms, turn the edges of the fabric slightly inside and sew with a hidden seam. The paws are attached to the body at pre-marked locations. The toy is almost finished.5. The muzzle should become a relief. The injection is done at the point that is planned for the eyes, and the pin in the corner of the mouth. Now make eyes and a nose. For this, beads are used. As you can see, making a hedgehog is not so difficult. But this is just one of the options for how you can create an amazing toy with your own hands. hedgehog patternHere is another pattern of a hedgehog made of cloth and fur. Click to enlarge.

Hedgehog from pompoms

hedgehog from pompoms own handsTo sew a hedgehog from pompoms, you need to take the following materials:

  • Woolen threads (of different colors);
  • Needle;
  • Conventional thread;
  • Scissors;
  • Buttons (for the nose and eyes).

Stages of work1. Hedgehog, in fact, will not consist of several pompoms, but only one. That's what you should start with. From the cardboard you need to make a pattern in the form of circles (one inside the other). The outer circle is responsible for the size of the future toy, and the inner circle is responsible for the splendor of the "soft hair" of the soft pet. All you need is two templates.2. Usually the thread is threaded into the needle, it is better to make it double. But since we make a soft toy, we take a string of woolen and thick. Templates are connected to each other and wrapped in a thread. This lasts until the inner circle disappears. To get a hedgehog, you need to cut the thread on the butt. Now you need to thread the pattern between the templates and tighten it. The ends of the threads remain loose, and cut the template and gently pull it out. Even if you have never done pompons, this one will be easy for you. Using yarn or yarn, create two pigtails with your own hands, they will replace the hedgehog foot. The legs need to be sewn together with the trunk. Buttons turn into eyes, ears, shoe. It is not necessary to make the whole body of pompoms. You can sew a trunk separately, and use bubo as needles. If your hedgehog is an autumn character, then on its back there may be mushrooms or leaves. It is not so difficult to create toys with your own hands. We only need to try. We sew other animals: