How to make magic Christmas balls from threads with your own hands you will learn from this article

How to make magic Christmas balls from threads with your own hands you will learn from this article

How to make magic Christmas balls of thread,we'll tell you in this article. You can see for yourself that there is nothing complicated or unusual in this. You will just need to carefully read the material and repeat all the actions yourself. Of course, your work may be slightly different from what we offer. Perhaps you can create a product even more interesting and attractive. To work you need a little free time and desire. The rest is a matter of technique. New Year is the most desired and long-awaited holiday. In many countries of the world people decorate their houses, streets, shops, trees near buildings and so on. On the streets glow multicolored lights and garlands, and in the air there is an indescribable mood and aroma of a Christmas tree - a symbol of this remarkable event. On the eve of a wonderful holiday, loved by everyone, none of us forget about our home. We all want to decorate it in such a way that it looks festive, and it had a fabulous atmosphere. As an ornament can serve a variety of products, good, on the shelves of shops you can find the most unpredictable toys. But, in order to decorate the house, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, you can save, but your house will not suffer from a lack of bright, attractive jewelry. You can make all New Year toys with your own hands. And your children, I'm sure of that, will be happy to help in such an interesting and useful business. In this article, I want to bring to your attention a selection of Christmas balls made from simple threads that are available to each hostess. This is an excellent option and not at all complicated. How to make magic Christmas balls of thread, you ask. Yes, it's very simple. A shiny Christmas ball. How to make magic Christmas balls of thread. Photo №1 For work you will need to take:

  • balls inflatable, air;
  • sufficiently dense yarn of white color;
  • spangles of different colors (the color scheme depends on your preferences);
  • glue, it is better to use not an ordinary clerical, but PVA;
  • a little clean water;
  • convenient water tank.

First you need to pour glue into the vessel anda small amount of water to get a glutinous mixture. In the event that the process is still at the working stage, and the mixture is already running out, add a little more water to it and mix it thoroughly. Then you need to inflate a normal balloon to the size you need. Take the thread and tie it to the tail of our ball. Then, wrap the whole ball around the ball. When it is completely wrapped, dip it into a vessel with a glutinous mixture (we talked about it earlier). The glue must absorb completely into the entire string. While the glue has not had time to dry, the product should be sprinkled with dry glitter. How to make magic Christmas balls of thread. Photo # 2 Give the craft to dry completely. You can hang this wonderful product in any place convenient for you. For example, using a tight thread and a wooden stick, as shown below in the photo. How to make magic Christmas balls of thread. Picture №3 Leave it exactly for a day. After 24 hours pass, pierce the ball with something sharp and remove it from the frame. The ball can stick to the thread, so you need to be very careful not to break the integrity and shape of our skeleton. Thanks to such interesting and original magic toys, you can easily decorate the interior of your house, making it unusual. They can decorate the Christmas tree with a Christmas tree or attach it to ordinary twigs from a tree, adding tinsel to them beforehand. Colored Christmas balls. How to make magic Christmas balls of thread. Photo №4 For work, prepare the following materials:

  • air balls, inflatable;
  • tight knitting threads;
  • a thick needle;
  • sharp scissors;
  • glue, is best suited for this purpose PVA;
  • any plastic container that you need to make it easy to make holes (for this purpose, suitable for example, disposable plastic disposable cups).

As in the previous case, inflate the balloonto the size you need and fasten it with a thread. If there is a desire to slightly modify it, make it rounder or, on the contrary, it is oval and press it lightly with your hands. Using a needle and thread, you need to make a small hole in the plastic container and fix it with a thread. The hole must be made closer to the bottom. There is another way to fix the thread. It can be simply dropped into the glue. To prepare a glutinous mixture, you need to pour it into the bowl and add water to it in small amounts. Slowly stretch the thread in the vessel with the glutinous mixture and gently wrap it around the balloon. In order to later be as convenient as possible to get the ball, make sure that there is a small space near the tail. So, after the ball is completely wrapped, cut the thread. Do not forget to leave a tail so large that you can tie the knot. Hang the ball and leave it to dry completely. Above it was told how to do it right. In order not to wait a whole day, you can use the usual hair dryer. Thus, the product will be dried for a few minutes. When the glue becomes completely solid, break the ball and gently remove it. Again, do this carefully so as not to damage the frame of the product. If you want, you can decorate the finished product with various decor elements. It can be anything. For example, pearls, patches, sequins and so on. There is another way to create an unusual ball of yarn, he will also act as a wrapper for the New Year's gift. How to make magic Christmas balls of thread. Photo №5 For work you need to prepare:

  • Balloon;
  • a tangle of threads, large enough, white;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brush;
  • a conventional screwdriver;
  • Glue (as already mentioned before, PVA will ideally suit);
  • Knife stationery or conventional scissors;
  • satin ribbon.

To start, you need to inflate a simple airball. Then it must be carefully wrapped with a thread. If you need to fix the thread in some places, use the PVA glue. Your main task is to make the ball very tightly wound. Through the thread, nothing should be visible. Then cover the surface with a thin layer of glue. We wait until the glue dries naturally, or we use the dryer to dry the hair. Using a brush, paint the threads with white acrylic paint. Hang the balloon to dry. At the moment when the paint is completely dry, remove the ball. The resulting circle should be cut in half. Thanks to the screwdriver, you can easily make small holes, on one, and on the second side of the ball. In the middle, put a gift, insert a tape into the holes and gently fix the ball. After that, tie a beautiful bow. Such an original gift, more precisely the packaging, in which you put your gift, will surely please your relatives. I wish you success in your work.