How to make a mask and suit a piglet. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a mask and suit a piglet. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Holidays and carnivals in kindergarten or school -this is not only a joyful and fun event for children, but also a headache for adults who do not know how and where to get a suit for a child or a mask. Of course, constantly buying or renting a suit is quite an expensive pleasure, to make it yourself. Do not hurry to refuse, even if you are far from needlework and sewing. Creative approach to business, and fantasy will help you to realize any bold idea. A popular suit is a pig or a pig.

Identify with the character and think through the image

What comes first to your mind? Pink, nose-patch, funny triangular ears or a ponytail pendant? All these are inalienable components of the image of the pig, which means that in one way or another they should be reflected in his suit or accessories. You can make any suit of a piglet: perhaps it will be a cheerful and cheerful Funtik, or a sweet and charming Piglet (though from Disney version of the cartoon, even from the Soviet one), or one of the three pig-brothers from the famous fairy tale, or the funny and resourceful pig Peppa, or the whimsical beauty and imaginary Nyusha from the Smeshariki. As you can see, there are a lot of options for choosing. Piggy suitSelect a character based on personalpreferences of the child (maybe there is a favorite cartoon or fairy-tale hero piglet), and take into account his age. For example, if your baby is still very tiny, then do nothing to make cumbersome costumes or think about the many details, because the outfit will most probably need you more than the baby. For babies or babies who do not go yet, you can make a comic pink overalls with a hood in the form of a muzzle a piglet, and if you are familiar with knitting, you can tie panties and a hat with ears to your head. If you can sew, then you can usepatterns and fully sew the costume. It can be either a one-piece suit or pants on suspenders or a skirt (for a girl), described in the first version, but already made specially for this image. Materials are selected for light and bulky, so that they keep the shape well and look beautiful, for example, thermo-velor, fleece, organza or taffeta. It will be very nice if you duplicate the material with a synthepon. Be sure to attach the tail to the costume (you can twist it from the wire and wrap it with a cloth), the legs may have pink socks or golf clubs. If there is a costume contest or a responsible performance, you can make some original or interesting costume, for example, Peppa's guinea pig suit or comedic Nyusha. By the way, such suits will be even for adult animators. On Peppe there can be a pink dress or a sundress, but with a headdress it is necessary to potter. Try to cut it out of foam rubber and color or make of felt. For Nyusha's costume you will need to sew "rounddress "(carve, like a sarafan or a dress on a coquette, but down add a lining of tulle and tighten it to make a ball). Decorate the dress with applique or other decor. You can dress on your head like a pink bezel with ears and a pigtail, and make a full headdress of Nyusha (more suitable for animators or for creating puppets). Let the image of a piglet, created by yourself, be the brightest and most beautiful on the upcoming holiday! master classes: