How to make a cat mask. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a cat mask. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

It is a pity that many kindergartens dostich porNew Year's matinees force boys to dress up as bunnies, adevochek with snowflakes. How much more interesting is the costume of a cat or a cat in the boots. Especially since it can be worn by small children, as well as by adult educators. Even if you do not know how to make a cat mask with your own hands in-house conditions, our instructions will help you in this.

Mask cat out of paper

The pulp processing product is the lightest,affordable material in our homes for the manufacture of various crafts. The easiest way is to make a mask of a cat from a paper. To do this, you only need:

  • paper format A5;
  • scissors;
  • A stapler;
  • Scotch;
  • pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • paint;
  • fishing line.

The order of performance of work

  • Take half the album sheet (A5 format)Run it two times along the back and forth. Set aside the middle points (the points of intersection of the fold lines) about 1.5-2 cm in each direction to the original side and cut two circles for the eyes with a diameter of about 4-4.5 cm. Make incisions for undercutting in the middle, eyebrow nailing to the middle of the eyebrows and below the width of the nose of the anterior tip.
  • Once again, bend to the real side, make your own hands a small shield (2-3 mm) of the cervical staple between the eye holes. At0.5cm, reduce the frontal recesses, excite the edges of the paper. We bend the cardboard for the mask
  • Divide the temporal incisions by 0.5 cm and paste triangular pieces of thick paper or cardboard. In these places you will fix elastic bands or braid.
  • Keep the center of the cut edges of the lower nose, as shown in the photo, excite. Cut and fasten the ears.
  • Paint the mask with your own hands. Pierce an awl with the cheek and pass through the holes of the line-tendril. Fix their ends of the siznanochnoy side pieces of scotch tape. Sew a braid or an elastic band to fix the mask of the cat out of the paper on the head.
  • Mask of the cat from the papa mache

    A bit harder, but more interesting is the mask of the cat, made by hands from the papa mache. The process takes more time and requires more skill. Mask made of papier-macheWe need:

    • petroleum jelly or fat cream;
    • two types of paper: toilet paper or napkins and newspaper;
    • scissors;
    • flour for the paste;
    • brush, paint;
    • PVA glue.

    The order of performance of work

  • Knead the paste. It consists of iswas. Bring the water to boiling. Stir the flour with a small amount of cold water and invert the boiling water, cool it. Add 10% of PVA glue.
  • Prepare the paper, for this, cut slices or tear the newspaper slips.
  • Apply a child or a woman who isgoing to go nabal-masquerade as a cat's cat, fat cream or petroleum jelly. Dampen pieces of newsprint with clean water and attach them to the woman's face. The next layer is laid out with a paper, smeared, soaked in paste.
  • Next, alternate layers of toilet paper and newspapers,carefully moistening the paper with a paste. Make about 5-7 layers. The last one should be a layer of white toilet paper or napkins. Dry the workpiece with a hairdryer.
  • Carefully remove the mask and put on the battery to dry.
  • Glue the ears from the paper, cut off uneven edges, paint.
  • Venetian Cat Mask

    What is the difference between the Venetian mask of the conventional maskA cat? How to make a cat mask Panevetsian standards? It turns out, it's very simple. It is enough to apply a customized made-from-pile from the papa-mache to a characteristic coloring and glue the stick of the stick. The Venetian mask of a woman, as a rule, is decorated with gold patterns, laces, ornaments and is supported with the help of a stick.

    Muzzle of the girl

    The simplest costume of a cat consists of studying them. Sewing the ears can be shown in the photo shown on the photo, attaching them to the coin. And it is not necessary to impose a wet newspaper. After you made your own way to sew the ears of their eyes, draw a mask directly in the face. After all, there is already uvass! A snub nose, which can only be slightly tinted with pink or black paint. It is better to use children's watercolor or makeup to not hurt the skin. A niece of a baby kitten will only have to draw a mustache. Imask is ready. See similar master classes: