How to make a mask of a hare from a paper on a head: an easy way / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a mask of a hare from a paper on a head: an easy way / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Masks for children are very popularholidays, because they complement the child's image of the event, make the mood more cheerful. They are most often used on the New Year, but other children's activities are very relevant. Someone will say that it is unnecessary to think how to sew or make such a thing, it is easier to buy it. But, as well as the original time, spent together with the child, creating an image, like tanjubov and care, which is done for loved ones by everyone. The hare is the favorite way of children's events. It seems that every child wanted to be this playful, funny and amusing animal. That's why sooner or later the mother's questioning arises the question: how to make a hare mask.

A simple way

Mask of the hare from the paper, perhaps, one of the mostsimple options. The basis is best done izkartona to the whole structure to keep the shape ivyglyadela krasivo.Vazhnoto that paper products can create together srebenkom. This activity notonly enables fun spending time together, noirazvivaet child's imagination iego fine motor skills of hands. Mask of a hare from a paperTo create a mask, you need to take:

  • paper or cardboard in white;
  • ruler;
  • adhesive clerical;
  • ribbon or lace;
  • scissors;
  • pencil simple;
  • paper pink or pink pencil.

Mask of a hare from a paperIf you follow the following scheme, a different mask hare will be hatched:

  • An ink sheet needs to draw a silhouette of a bunny. Pay attention to the paper size of the child's head.
  • Then we draw the Iushki. It will be a holistic design. But if desired, the ears can be attached separately, if you want to make them longer, the analyst together with a jacket they do not mix.
  • Determine where the eyes will be, and how their size will be. The size of the eyes should be such that the child can be seen all over.
  • Gently cut out the holes for the eyes.
  • Draw the middle of the ears, it should be pink.
  • This place can be painted here with a pink color, or you can cut out the pink paper spots separately and stick it.
  • From the paper of pink color, we cut out the nose. He looks like a semicircle with two bulges. Its glue between the eyes.
  • This carnival mask is ready. All that's left is to attach a ribbon or string. So it will be possible to tie it to the skin. With the help of glue, the lace is glued to the side.
  • Original ways

    Can wear a mask of a hare in the head in the form of a hat. To do this, you can take an ordinary white hat with drying. The ears are cut from the cardboard and glued to the nape. It looks nice and funny. It is much more difficult to work with a sporolon mask. For ezozdaniya need patterns and the ability to work with a sewing machine. Such variants of carnival items, although at least look great, are not easy to create. Patterns can be taken from the Internet. Together to create such a thing you will need: felt, material for a mask, thread in color, etc. In the middle of original ways you can find a master class of origami hare mask or make papier mache with your hands. Such carnival mask will become the focus of any holiday. By contrast, the image of the bunny will suit both the girl and the imalchik. Any of the proposed masks looks beautiful, it all depends on what material is uvass at hand, and how much time you can give to this fascinating process.