How to make a mask of a horse with your own hands. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a mask of a horse with your own hands. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

A horse's mask can be used by a child in schoolor in the garden, not only on the New Year's matinee. The horse is the heroine of many fairy tales. It is useful both for open literature lessons in school, and for festive performances for celebrations.

Mask options

There are several options for masks made by themselves:

  • Mask-head of a horse from a paper on a rim or onelastic. You can make a template yourself or use a ready-made schema. The advantage is that it is done simply. Especially if you immediately cut out all the details from the colored cardboard. But also quickly tears.
  • Mask of paper is voluminous. Here it is necessary to work. To make such a 3D-mask, you need an ideally correct pattern. Otherwise, the craft will be spoiled, and the horse will be completely different from itself.
  • Mask made of foam or felt. Another kind of voluminous masks. To make it, you have to cut out every detail of foam rubber, and then connect them together. Finished horse muzzle is put directly on the head. This is a complex, but the most reliable version of the mask with your own hands.
  • We decided to make an ordinary paper mask so that you could create with us. Option for patterning a horse mask

    Preparation of materials

    We are sure that everything will be in every house. It is more convenient to organize work at the table, since we will be engaged in drawing. But first you need to prepare:

    • glue - any will approach;
    • sheets of colored paper;
    • felt pen black;
    • sheet of paper A3;
    • scissors;
    • horse head format A4 format.

    You can draw the template yourself. Do not forget that our horse is fabulous. It's okay if there are any inaccuracies during drawing. The muzzle that looks at you from a sheet of paper looks like a horse? It means that you did everything right. Horse Mask Pattern


    We decided that our horse would be browncolor, but it can also remain white, be blue or pink. Especially if it's a mask for a girl. Then the horse will remind the heroes of your favorite cartoons about a pony. Let's get to work.

  • We translate the pattern from the template to the main color paper. We have it brown. Template translation on paper
  • Cut out the head.
  • Cut out all the other details from the colored paper separately. These are the eyes, mane, reins, part of the ears. Cut all pieces of pattern
  • When all the details are cut, glue them to the base.
  • We take a felt-tip pen and outline the contours.
  • Draw the horse's eyes. Painted Mask
  • It remains to do very little. Almost ready mask for glue on sheet A3 at such a height that the bottom is a white band. This is the future bezel. With his help, the mask will stick to the head.
  • When our artwork dried, cut it already with a rim.
  • Cute horse mask made by own handsready. Do not rush to throw it away after it plays its role. Put the paper craft in the book, so that it remains flat. In the future, the mask of the horse can come in handy. Then it will be enough to change the bezel, and you are almost ready for a new fancy dress.