How to make a Christmas tree from the beads by the New Year with your own hands (photo)

How to make a Christmas tree from the beads by the New Year with your own hands (photo)


The well-known fact is that spruceActs as a necessary attribute for the New Year holidays. Now this forest beauty is created from completely different materials, the masterpiece differs with ease, enormous originality and novelty.
It's hard to imagine a new year without a Christmas tree. What just did not use the masters, that did not come up, their flight of fantasy is simply boundless! In today's lesson we will consider beading or creating a Christmas tree made of beads by our own hands, which will become not only an honored guest, but also a wonderful gift to loved ones and close people. So, I would like to tell you more about how to make a spruce from beads, the size of which is about 15-20 centimeters in height and to consider the master class in detail. Is a circuit necessary?

Master class of weaving a Christmas tree from beads

Initial stage of work
Initially buy several bags of beadsGreen shade, it is recommended to mix the grains together and then the product will become even more original and stunning. In order to create a single tree you will need beads under number 8 with a quantity of 60 grams.
Now a little bit about the wire. It should be very thick, so that the beads can hardly get into it and made of copper, otherwise the branches of the created spruce will look very simple and wretched. In addition, it is recommended to stock up with gouache, paillettes, strasses, floristic ribbon, wire and decorations in order to complete the beadwork and decoration of the herringbone itself.
In order to easily thread the beads on the wire,It is recommended to use a spinner. It is important that all the grains were recruited right away on the base, as this is the scheme for creating this masterpiece with your own hands. The process of creating Christmas trees can be viewed on video.
Fir tree weaving Next, we will talk about weaving inTechnique of loops. Nothing complicated in this, it is important to simply create a lot of nodules with beads, so that the initial loops begin with 12 beads. The second loop should consist of 13, the next loop, and so on, as it grows. There will be nothing terrible if you start increasing the number of loops arbitrarily, this will even give the composition unusual and additional originality, and the homemade tree will become even more interesting.
After careful and hard workA construction is obtained in which the loops run in a parallel manner with increasing. Approaching the top of the head, it should be in the form of an undecayed bud, for this we need to weave an element, which includes about five loops. His legs are in a unified position. Wire has a brown color and will be too noticeable, it may even ruin the whole structure, so to hide such a drawback it is recommended to use acrylic paint of green color.

How to form a treeTree. Take the wire from aluminum and one of its edges bends in the form of a loop. The second side is necessary for fixing the spruce top. To ensure that it was strong and did not fall under its own weight, it is necessary to use a floral tape. It is important that the spruce created by their own hands pleased the surrounding people to invest their soul in the creation of this masterpiece.
It is necessary to knead well that part of the wire,Where there are typed loops, in the region of the crown should be located the border on which there are small elements. Next, take the floral tape and fix the place of fasteners. And now it's time to create a spruce, now it became possible quickly and quickly wrap the stems of the trunk with spirals, without using the charts.

Additional trifles In order to fir trees fromBeads had a nice and streamlined shape will need to try a little and gently twist the twigs using different kinds of weaving. Now you should take the alabaster with the gypsum it is necessary to create the bottom of the tree.
For this it is recommended to find a smallJar, a piece of burlap, add a mixture, and in the central part firmly establish the created spruce of beads. It is necessary to wait about a day for the gypsum to cool completely and only after that remove all unnecessary.

It's time to decorate the fir tree created by yourHands, because without multi-colored beads and balls it will be dull and the holiday will not be felt. For this purpose we will need rhinestones of different colors, which must be glued on the branches of spruce with the help of PVA glue, the bottom is recommended to be made in white.

On the nose a holiday, sadness to anything, soIt is recommended to dream up to take a varnish and to cover to them the basis of a fur-tree, to add a decorative ground, to write something original that the self-made fir tree has blossomed. And this laborious work and beadwork is over, now you can quite safely admire your creation or give it to someone from close or native people.
And now let's consider for comparison moreOne rather original and interesting lesson of creating a Christmas tree of beads, only in this case they will be oblong here, and not round, as it was in the above version. Another difference is the fact that the beads do not need to be mixed, here, on the contrary, it should be ideal and selective, so that the pine becomes a true decoration of the table or a complement to the composition.

Fir-tree spruce

It is worth noting that the work will be much more difficultAnd this master class is different from the previous one, but it's worth it because such a masterpiece will please for more than one year. So, for work it is necessary:

  • Bugles of green color 70-75 grams;
  • Wire for weaving, gold color, size 35-50 meters;
  • Mini-vase;
  • Thread of lurex golden color;
  • Plate;
  • Brown floral tape;
  • Wire, the thickness of which is 0.7-0.8 mm designed to make branches;
  • Wire size 18-20 cm for the formation of the stem part of spruce;
  • Acrylic paint is brown.
  • Rules for stringing glass beads Begin with the fact,That we take a wire for weaving and cut about 20 cm. We take four beads, string them. Now the wire must be folded in such a way that the two bugles are located with one, and the remaining two, on the other side. It is important to wring everything. We perform previous manipulations with a glass bead and continue beading.
    Similarly, it is necessary to make loops thatAre created on the left and right side, we repeat all actions taking into account the described scheme of weaving. In the end, the outline of the spruce begins to be traced. In total, there should be five branches of pine. If you have any questions, you can see in more detail the photos that this master class illustrates.

    The top of the pine We move on to the next stageCreation of a masterpiece by one's own hands, which means the creation of the top of the tree. For this purpose, take a couple of twigs and thread them together, thanks to the lurex thread, and then gently smooth and fluff.
    After this, you need to weave eight branches using beads of light green color, strung on a wire, with a total length of 20 centimeters.
    It is necessary to twist together on two branches without forgetting to leave the space of the middle wire. This process allowed us to weave the first tier of our future spruce.

    Second and subsequent tiers Then it should be measuredTen twenty-centimeter lengths of wire and create twigs of pine from them. Semisantimetrovyh segments need a total of five pieces, they wind twigs. Thus, the next tier of our tree will be obtained, we also wrap two branches each. This is the second tier of the tree, so we finish the beadwork.

    Billets for the second tier of the Christmas tree
    Billets for the third tier of the Christmas tree
    Blanks for the fourth tier of the Christmas tree Master-classAt the next stage it says that it is necessary to accurately reattach all tiers of spruce with the help of a gold thread, which will not only give strength to the product, but also make it beautiful. For the bottom it is recommended to use a floral tape and types of weaving. Paint the pot in a beautiful, but not very bright color, stir the gypsum and put a spruce into it and the tree will shine with all the iridescent rainbow!

    Homemade table beauty with her own hands will please all adults and children alike! More clearly, the process of weaving herringbone beads is presented in a detailed video tutorial.

    Video: New Year's tree from beads with own hands