How to make a crocodile from your beads yourself, weaving schemes / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make a crocodile from your beads yourself, weaving schemes / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Weave three-dimensional figures of animals from beads -fascinating occupation, and simple schemes make it accessible even for beginner needlewomen. One of the most popular options is a crocodile made from beads, you can make it literally in 20-30 minutes.

Materials for work

To make a small keychain in the shape of a crocodile, you will need:

  • Beads. Try to use several colors, for example: green, light green, light and dark yellow. Do not forget to cook a pair of dark beads - they will become eyes.
  • A line or thin copper wire - as a basis.
  • Needles for beads. You can do without them, if you use a wire or a thick enough line.
  • In addition to the basic items, you will need scissors and containers, from which you will be more handy to take the beads.

    Scheme of weaving of the crocodile

    Crafts in the shape of a crocodile are made byparallel weaving. To make the figure turn out to be three-dimensional, it is necessary to type both beads on the line simultaneously for the bottom and for the upper part of one row, and then connect them to the ring, stretching the line through all the beads designed for the bottom of the row. The use of two colors will help not to get confused and make the handy more interesting. If you start creating a model from the tail and use a green color for the back of the crocodile, and for the tummy is light yellow, the sequence of weaving will be as follows:

  • Type 6 beads - three green and three light yellow, move them to the middle of the line (wire).
  • Through light yellow, draw one of the ends of the line so that it goes towards the second, and tighten. You will see that three green beads were over the yellow, forming a ring.
  • Repeat the first two paragraphs a few more times, observing the symmetry. The green row should always be above the yellow.
  • Adding to the ranks the required number of beads byscheme, continue to weave up to the row with the paws. For example, you can get: three rows of three beads, two - four, one row with 6-9 beads.
  • To weave simple paws, dial onethe free end of the line (wire) nine green beads, through the first two of them return the same end of the line (wire) back to the main structure.
  • Weave another paw at the opposite end.
  • Continue the weaving according to the scheme. Make 5-6 rows of 10 beads (10 green for the top and 10 light yellow for the bottom).
  • Now you need to make two more paws.
  • When the craft has all four limbs, weave one row of nine beads, and then one of the eight - it will become the neck of the animal.
  • In the next after the "neck" series should be addedeyes of the crocodile: string consistently three green, one black, one green, one black, three green beads. The lower part of the series will consist of nine light yellow beads.
  • Finish the weaving according to the scheme. You will get one row in descending order from eight to three and finally 2 beads.
  • Do not forget to tighten both ends of the line (wire) before fixing it.

    Open mouth variant

    Make a crocodile more natural and original, you can slightly modify the scheme of crafts as follows:

    • After you finished weaving the trunk, insert another wire into the bottom row, which was a tummy.

    • First, add the upper part of the head (only green beads), then the lower (light yellow) on the wire just inserted.

    Such a maneuver can be done only by using a wire, the line will not keep its shape. Crocodile with open mouth-3

    Helpful Tips

    Weaving the crocodile according to the scheme is not a difficult task, but it is important to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Calculate the length of the wire (line) in advance. If it turns out to be short, you'll have to dismiss everything and start again.
  • It is better to start the weaving from the bow, so that the final knot does not ruin the whole appearance of the product. But this is only relevant if you are not going to weave a model with an opening mouth.
  • To make a key chain, you can weave an eyelet forfastening on the key is also made of beads. To do this, after finishing work on the main figure, continue to string the beads and close the resulting line in the ring through the last row in the diagram. It is better to pass the wire through such a ring several times to strengthen the structure.
  • If the beads are of different sizes, then you can add one or more rows to one row, so that the same width is obtained in the end.
  • Use a crocodile of beads for decor can be in two ways: put on the stomach or put on the legs, if it was woven from the wire.