How to make a fish from beads: a turn-based lesson of weaving (photo)

How to make a fish from beads: a turn-based lesson of weaving (photo)


If you ever thought about how to do itFrom beads to a fish, it means that beadwork is your hobby. Such an exciting lesson is suitable for people of different ages, because there are many different in their complexity schemes, master classes and video lessons, through which every person can realize their dreams and fantasies.

Magic fish from beads

Today our master class will tell you how to make fish from beads. But we are not talking about a simple inhabitant of water bodies, but about the real "magic" goldfish.
Before starting to work let's first prepare everything we need to weave a three-dimensional figure:

  • needle;
  • Fishing line for fish piercing;
  • Wire (0.3 mm);
  • 2 beads number 8 of black color;
  • Beads at number 8: yellow, orange and pink-orange color.

We start the master class:
Take a piece of wire, the length of which will beMake about 2 m and put on it 4 beads of pink color. Arrange them so that they are directly in the center. Pass one end of the working "thread" through 2 beads. 3. Tightening the wire, you will see the first row, consisting of two tiers.

Next you will need to make 2 rows. Put four beads on one end of the working "thread" and pass a second tip through them. Gently tighten the wire so that the new beads are directly above the lower tier of the previous row.

Here's how your weaving should look from the side:

We continue the beadwork and, without changing the scheme of actions, we make the lower tier:

The next row begins with the upper tier:

After passing through the beads wire, we will have to tighten the loop:

Now string the beads for the lower tier:

Then we conduct wire through them and place them under the upper level.

The scheme of actions remains the same and on it we must make several more series:

Now our goldfish will get fins. First we will need to dial beads on the wire:

And then, letting one pass through the rest, we will have to conduct a working "thread".

Pushing the beads close to the body, you will see the first "needle," which later turns into a fin for a fish.

Next, we'll make a shorter lower fin with our own hands:

As you have probably noticed, the weaving scheme remains unchanged. We just change the number of beads. Therefore, even for beginners, this figure will seem easy, and they will quickly finish the job.

So, our goldfish is almost ready, we only need to weave several rows of trunk and make a tail.

Note that before you continue to work you need to do so that your figure becomes voluminous. For this purpose, a pencil or pen is suitable.
Without changing the usual scheme of weaving, we continue creating the trunk:

Then we collect beads for the upper tier:

We pass through them an additional piece of wire (30 cm):

Then we take another piece of working "thread" and stretch it through 3 beads:

Aligning the wire, we can tighten the loop.

Again, dial 5 beads:

And we pass through 3 central ones one more piece of wire (30 cm):

Align the tips and tighten the loop:

Now proceed to create a tail. To do this, we must put our fish on a flat surface and break in pairs all available wire pieces.

We take the first pair and thread on one piece of bead:

Then we pass through them the second segment and we twist them together, so that we get a big loop.

Then make the following loop:

And one more:

We continue to make a tail:

At this stage, the creation of a magical fish can be considered complete. We just need to spread the tail and we can "live" admire the same beauty as in this photo:

You can also watch various video clips, which describe the process of creating fish.

Video: Fish from beads own hands