How to make a book for the succulents

How to make a book for the succulents

To add a little bit of charm to the interior of yourapartments or villas do not necessarily spend a lot of time and money. Designer Russell Brown almost from nothing created a lot of interesting decorative jewelry, of which I really liked the funny pots for indoor plants, made from old books. Guided step by step instructions, you can easily do the same with your own hands! Already a lot of crafts from old books were invented by people: from shelves to sculptural compositions. Many may consider it sacrilegious to cut books, but the designer believes that this is an artistic rethinking and re-use of an unnecessary thing. Russell finds inspiration in finding something beautiful and making from it an even more beautiful and elegant creation, as it happened with old books and indoor succulent plants. pot for houseplants from the book The process of making such an original pot is very simple and will not take you much time and effort. Detailed step-by-step instructions - below, on the bookmarks. [tab name = 'materials'] materials for workMaterials for work:

  • old thick book
  • 2-3 small succulents, not more than
  • a bit of soil, pebbles or sand
  • moss or ground green cover
  • stationery knife
  • glue
  • cellophane or parchment paper

[/ tab] [tab name = 'step 1'] glue together a book A few hours before work, apply thinlayer transparent glue on the block of pages. No need to carefully glue the bleeder, the glue just helps keep the pages together when you cut the hole. [/ tab] [tab name = 'step 2'] cut a hole in the book Cutting the right hole is the mosttime-consuming part of the process. Determine in advance what shape and size will be the area for planting succulents. Using a ruler, outline the work surface and cut the pages with a sharp clerical knife, several at a time. Gradually, cut a hole with a depth of at least 4 cm. The hole should not be neat and clean, as a result only the first page will be visible, so do not worry about uneven edges and curved slices. Leave the first cover page for beauty untouched. [/ tab] [tab name = 'step 3'] put the cellophane in the hole Lay out the hole with cellophane or parchment paper. This will prevent water from getting on the book. [/ tab] [tab name = 'step 4'] If the depth of the book is allowed, then the first layerput pebbles or sand on the bottom of the hole. This will provide some drainage, for which the succulents will be very grateful to you. The second layer put the soil, where gently move from the pots of green inhabitants. These unpretentious plants do not need a lot of water, and gravel provides the opportunity for water to drain and leave the roots of succulents in a comfortable dry state for them. If there is no place for stones - do not worry, succulents will still live even without drainage. [/ tab] [tab name = 'step 5'] we cover the ground with moss Cover the soil with dry moss. Of course, you can leave the ground and uncovered, but with a green carpet the whole composition looks more pleasant and aesthetic, besides, the moss will help support the plants in the shallow pot. [/ tab] [tab name = 'step 6'] cut off the excess parchment Cut off excess cellophane just below the edge of the pot and carefully hide it. [/ tab] [tab name = 'care'] That's all! The original decor for any room is ready! Once a week succulents should be watered with a small amount of water. In doing so, try not to wet the title page and the entire book. In addition, these green spaces need a lot of sunlight, so choose the most illuminated place of the room or regularly take out the plants on the street. [/ tab] [end_tabset]