How to make a pallet from a pallet vertical garden?

How to make a pallet from a pallet vertical garden?

A few useful handicrafts from pallets we have already considered, today we will see how from a wooden pallet you can make by your own hands a small vertical garden for decorating a balcony or giving. The first thing to do is to find a pallet, in good condition, without rotting and sticking out nails, as well as without the unpleasant odor. You will also need:

  • 2 large bags of soil
  • about 16 packages of annual flowers
  • small roll of landscape fabric
  • a stepper
  • staples
  • sandpaper

Preliminarily bring the tray in order,make sure that all the boards are well nailed and do not stagger, there are no jaggies and protruding chips. If necessary, walk sandpaper to smooth out the bumps, cover the wooden pallet solution which will prevent the eating of insects and rot. Decide which side of the pallets will be the bottom when you lean the finished flower bed against the wall. Then place the tray face down and expand the landscape fabric in two layers and stepplerom nail it to the top and side panels. It is necessary to cover the sidewalls, back and bottom, and leave the top open. Bend the edges of the fabric under the braces. The fabric should be well stretched to not sag under the weight of the ground. The idea is to create a uniquepockets for planting plants that will peek between the slats. Therefore, mark the back with a pencil, where to nail down the tissues to form the desired pockets and attach. Walk the stapler several times along the seam, so that the kidney does not wake up from one compartment to another. And now the most interesting is to plant flowers! Take the pallet as close as possible to the place where it will stand and put it face up. The first layer of plants is on the top of the pallet. fill in the soil and plant fairly tightly so that there are no very visible lumens between the bushes. Then we put a sack of soil on the pallet and distribute it evenly throughout the compartments. Repeat with the second bag. Seal the soil in the pockets, moisten and start planting flowers. As a result, dense rows should be obtainedplants in such a way that the soil has nowhere to fall asleep when you put the pallet vertically. In small spaces between the bush, make the soil as compact as possible. Now leave the pallet-bed in a horizontal position for a couple of weeks, so that the plants are well-rooted in the ground. Naturally, do not forget to water and, if desired, fertilize with liquid solutions. When the plants are sufficiently rooted - boldly place the pallet vertically. Vertical garden - flowerbed with your own hands ready! Source of the idea on lifeonthebalcony