How to make an origami paper cruder in stages

How to make an origami paper cruder in stages

Classic origami crane performed inTraditional eastern technique of folding paper without glue and scissors, and today is a sacred symbol of the peoples of China and Japan. Here, a graceful bird is practically deified, considering its paper figures a powerful energy backup of the sacred symbol. In fact, cranes are revered from ancient times not only in the east. In Italy, for example, this bird is considered a kind of marker for the decency of the family - where the crane settles, good and very worthy people live. And in the Old Slavonic traditions, a pair of large-necked hawk nesting in the courtyard foreshadowed the fast replenishment of the family - the birds were honored and protected. Origami crane In the east, everyone could show how to do itA crane of paper - so graceful a bird to the Asian people. Even the lifeless figurine of the Siberian Crane, according to local beliefs, will protect the house from ills, to give health and long years of life to all family members, to help cure sickness, to promise family happiness. Paper cranes are put here for a specific purpose: to fulfill the secret desire or the child was born, to establish a difficult relationship or to call on luck. And the crane of paper is a symbol of respect for the dead, because a real bird, as they say in the east, is a light mediator between this life and the afterlife. Japanese paper crane

Schemes of folding

This is not a difficult process, even for beginnersTo master the technique of origami. A detailed illustrated step-by-step instruction below will help in a phased manner to cope with the task. Fold the crane from a square sheet. Note that traditional Japanese cranes are made from white paper - a symbol of purity and good intentions. This is also important because the classic Japanese crane in the origami technique really brings good luck. However, you can use a sheet of any color that you like - then you can count on the fulfillment of desire. Found the right one? Then proceed: How to Make a Crane from a Paper Scheme

  • Fold the square sheet diagonally, as indicated in the sub figure. The resulting triangle is placed in front of you by the hypotenuse (the largest side);
  • Now reduce the triangle by half, folding the workpiece in half along the central vertical. The diagram clearly shows this stage, you will not have any difficulties;
  • The upper triangle unfold, turning it into a square pocket. Do not understand how? The triangle opens from the inside. Did you manage? Then turn the workpiece "face" down;
  • The artwork begins to take shape: turn right to the previously unused triangle, as the diagram shows;
  • Now the bend must be opened from the inside - also the first expanded square was formed;
  • Systematically make the corners of the corners to yourself, repeat the turns from the back, drawing on the illustrations.
  • By simply bending the details of the pattern, set the parts of the body to a noble bird, then unfold the "flight" line of the wing - you managed to make a paper crane from paper with your own hands.

Is there a difference between a real Japanese crane andOf what you just folded? In fact, there are no striking differences, except that in Asian countries origami cranes tend to make extremely thin: with a long line of wingspan. This bird looks more refined - neat neck, delicately thin tail section. Practice and you will succeed too! It is advisable to fold a sacred bird not only from considerations of working out skills, but also to fulfill cherished desires. According to the Japanese belief, it is necessary to make 1000 cranes to fulfill the most daring aspirations. Paper origami crane

Practical benefits

First, knowing how to make origamiCrane, you at any time can become the center of children's attention and, training forts, for a long time captivate them with developing techniques of origami. Show the children their art, accompanying the action with fascinating stories about this amazing figure. For example, it could be an instructive story about Sasaki Sadako, a Japanese girl who folded more than a thousand cranes, faithfully believing in salvation after the tragedy (Hiroshima, Sasaki Sadako was irradiated and doomed to an early death). The pedagogical value of the process will become undeniable, the guys will learn a lot of new things and will willingly work with the paper. Then the cranes can, for example, decorate a New Year tree or a lilac bush under the window. Secondly, to fold a crane of paper is to decorate the room with an original figurine. And if you make several birds from different materials (foil, corrugated paper, etc.), then you can make a spectacular interior suspension of the "flock of cranes". Adding a figure is all the more necessary if you are interested in history and traditions, or maybe philosophy, of the eastern countries. And even if it's just origami from paper, the crane will surely attract luck and luck, success and smiles, great news and new interesting acquaintances. You just need to believe a little bit in the spiritual power of the sacred figure, like the inhabitants of the east - an amazing part of the world that gave us the magic of origami. 1_3 Pay attention also to our scheme of a voluminous swan made of paper and several variants of various paper stars in the origami technique.