How to make an original bezel for your hair yourself. Simple master class for making unusual jewelry for women

How to make an original bezel for your hair yourself. Simple master class for making unusual jewelry for women

Made with own decorations will becomean original addition to your image. With the help of variegated satin ribbons, you can make the most usual old bezel a bright and beautiful addition to your style. With very little effort, you can turn it into a masterpiece thanks to your own creativity. How to make an original bezel for your hair yourself. A simple master class for making unusual jewelry for women. Photo №1 You will need:

  • a pair of narrow satin ribbons. It is desirable to take one light, and another - dark. It is necessary that their shades not only harmonize, but also approach the shade of your hair;
  • scissors;
  • pair of clothespins;
  • lighter;
  • universal (transparent) adhesive.

Well, let's start! Let's take a bezel 1cm in size. and a pair of narrow and high quality satin ribbons 1.5 m long and about 0.6 cm wide. If your rim is wider than 1 cm, then you need to use ribbons longer than indicated. We use lilac and pink colored ribbons. They are perfectly combined, as well as complement the light or blond hair well. 1. Cut from the ribbon pink color two strips of 2 cm and glue along the edges. Do everything smoothly and accurately. 2. On the outside, secure the lilac tape with glue. It is very important to leave a winding for the winding along the edge of 3.5 cm on the left. 3. The other end of the tape must be folded and glued on top in the left corner of our bezel. 4. The pink ribbon is glued, as shown in the picture, obliquely along the other ribbon on the inside. 5. At the top of the lilac wrap the pink to get it as shown in the picture. 6. Now proceed to the processing of the edge of our own made accessory. Bend the 3.5 centimeter edge to the inside. Now glue it on top. 7. Glue the adhesive on the tape, turning the edge and wrapping it in the outer side. 8. Secure the end of the tape to the other side with adhesive. 9. Take the finished tape and bend it inwards obliquely under the second one. 10. Look at the inside of the rim. She turned out beautiful too. 11. Now let's leave one ribbon from below, and the second we'll bring up on the outside. 12. We received patterns in the form of small multicolored triangles. Their shape will depend on the angle of the ribbons. 13. Continue wrapping the entire bezel in the same way. 14. Screw the other end of the rim in the same way. 15. Secure the winding after driving it to the edge. Measure out the same piece of tape, which is suitable for winding, cut off excess. 16. Fasten the other tape on the inside, and then glue it and gently cut it. In order that in time its tip is not disheveled, burn it. It is better to make it a lighter, but a match or a candle will do the same. 17. Wind the edge and the end of our rim. Try to do it neatly. Fasten the ends of the tapes to the inside with the help of glue. Be sure to tighten the tape well. Be careful, singing the tip of the tape. 18. That's it, the bezel, decorated with motley ribbons, is ready!