How to make a pig from a plastic bottle for a garden and cottage / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a pig from a plastic bottle for a garden and cottage / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

If you want to beautifully and originally decorateyour garden, yard or suburban area, do not rush to buy ready-made expensive products, because you can make a lot of interesting and useful things with your own hands, using for this already unnecessary items and even waste materials, like plastic bottles. From plastic bottles you get very funny and cute animals, for example, hedgehogs, penguins, kittens and even pigs. Try making your own hands such bright and cheerful guinea pigs, especially since pigs from plastic bottles can be very multi-functional, bringing not only aesthetic pleasure, but also a benefit.

Several secrets and nuances of crafting

This material is not in vain considered the mostin demand from the masters for the decoration of the cottage and garden, because it is very cheap and affordable, very light and pliable at work, unpretentious. You can transform a plastic bottle into any product, use it as a basis for working with other materials or as an independent raw material, give it any color, work with the shape and determine the purpose of your future craft. For example, a pig from a plastic bottle can serve you as a beautiful and original decor, be a comfortable flower bed, podstavochkoy, piggy bank and even an educational toy for the child. A similar mumps will come if you paint the bottlein pink color and already with plastic make for it all the necessary details: the ears, the tail, the legs from the legs of the necks and from the plugs (you can use even the coils from the threads). It is interesting to do immediately a pig with a mom or a whole big piggy family (for a mother pick up a large bottle, for example, five liters).

  • Rinse and dry the bottles with which you will work.
  • For the legs of a piglet you will need to cut the legs from the bottles of bottles (one liter each). Also cut out of plastic and ears, and a ponytail.
  • Fold their lower edge and use a wire to attach them to the head.
  • Then fasten the legs (with lids) and the tail - also using wire.
  • Paint the product, and when it dries, glue the eyes (you can take the buttons), draw a five-pin and a mouth on the cap.
  • Make a hole on top and you will have a piggy bank. Also you can decorate handicrafts according to your taste and desire: paste sequins, sequins, beads, make an applique or other decor. Piglet from the bottle Some master classes show how to dowith their own hands a piglet from one bottle, and others - how to make it from several, connecting them and thus forming different parts of the pig's body. Sometimes plastic cups and pieces of pipes are used for the legs. You can fasten the elements to the glue (just on top of the plastic base-trunk, and into the made slits-holes), and also with the help of wire. To make the pig not just an ornament, but also bring you benefits, you can make it a decorative flower bed. Then you will need to do a large hole in the top of the product (this will be one of the sides of the bottle), pour in the soil and plant flowers or lawn grass. For a flower bed it is better to use large eggplant. Such bright, beautiful and unusual crafts will be an excellent decor for any garden, courtyard or villa. Try it and you make them yourself!