How to make a rooster of paper. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a rooster of paper. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Despite its simplicity and cheapness, the paperis one of the most interesting materials for crafts and creativity, because from it you can make by your own hands so many different beautiful things: appliqués, flat and voluminous figurines in origami technique, whole pictures in the technique of quilling luxury panels and many other things. varieties of paper and a variety of colors that with its help will certainly be able to find their embodiment of any creative ideas and ideas. Try to start with the manufacture of not very complex products. For example, with any variation of the image of the cockerel.

How can it be?

Making a cockerel from paper with your own handsmany master classes have been devoted. You can make it in a variety of ways, depending on what image is expected, as well as the purpose of making this product:

  • if the child needs a hobby in the garden, then helphe must execute his own application. To do this, you just need to print out the template, cut out its parts, and then make the same elements with them, but with colored paper. Glue all the details onto the cardboard to make a cockerel. Supplement the application - paint or make paper and weeds, sunny sky, corn seeds, you can even create an entire family by adding chicken and chicken to it. It's very beautiful if you take a thick, shiny or velvet paper. You can decorate the craft with sequins;

Cockerel made of paper

  • The application can also be experimental - toFor example, try to paste the details of feathers and corrugated paper onto the figure of the cockerel, but not simply. If you dip colored corrugated paper in a bowl of water and rinse it a little, the water will turn colored, and the paper will acquire interesting and divorce - this will add the originality applications and make the craft unique;

  • Another interesting version of the applicationhands - make a lot of blanks from the palm of the hand, then cut them out and chaotically paste the cockerel to the body-trunk, adding some more elements;

Cockerel made of paper

  • with small babies it is easy to make by own handsand voluminous cockerel, which will become a wonderful character in the performances of the puppet paper theater and is useful for the dramatization of various tales. To make it, you will also need a template from which you will have to cut out the details. The basis and trunk of such a cockerel will serve as a cone (it must be glued), and it will be attached to the head in the form of a cylinder. Rectangles bend along the fold lines, and from the strips form the wings, tail, scallop and beak. Glue all the details (see the assembly diagram);

  • beautiful and original figures can be made from the same papier-mache and even from paper trays for eggs.

Cockerel made of paper

We make a cockerel in the technique of origami

  • A handsome cockerel is easily obtained after some manipulations with a square sheet of paper. Mark the fold lines and fold the sheet diagonally. Then bend the corners of the inflection lines.
  • About half of the paper figure bend back and make kinks on both sides.
  • Leave the upper corner up and inward, and then turn out the crease.
  • Then the upper corner bends to the right and back inside, and the fold is first inward and backward, and then inward and forward. After that, the corners are bent from two sides inside the figure.
  • To make a modular rooster you will need to first make individual modules for it (about four hundred pieces), and then connect them together.

    Craft a cockerel from paper trays for eggs

  • To make the original and beautiful cockerel from paper trays for eggs, take a tray, disassemble it into cells and cut out, as it were, individual tulips.
  • Then glue together, using thin paper.
  • From the tray, cut out the little beard and make a beak.
  • Prepare pieces of cardboard and begin to glue feathers in rows from small to large.
  • The abdomen of the cockerel do this: a balloon, cover with scraps of newspaper and white paper. When it dries, cut it into two parts (they do not have to be equal).
  • Take the one that is bigger, and insert the smaller one into it. Begin collecting the cockerel, attaching wings, tail, paws and face with all the details.
  • Paint the product with pearlescent acrylic paints, changing colors and shades to make the cock look bright and colorful.
  • So that it can stand well and stable, you can attach it to the stand, and decorate the empty top with colored eggs or other decor.
  • Such different, very interesting, beautiful and unique can come out of cockerels made of paper. Try to make one of them - you will definitely succeed!