How to make roses from corrugated paper with your own hands

How to make roses from corrugated paper with your own hands

Live roses are beautiful. Romantic flowers - not only a symbol of love, but also a bright ornament of any celebration. The problem is hidden only in the fact that this fragile beauty perishes in a few days, leaving a slight sadness of memories of its former glory. But after all, each can do by his own hands unfading roses from corrugated paper. They can be folded into a spectacular bouquet for a gift or decorating interiors, weave into festive garlands or organically add to your evening outfit. Roses made from corrugated paper with their own hands This, of course, artificial beauty. But its undeniable advantage is vitality. And if you make a bouquet of roses from corrugated paper, having worked the details to the maximum, to achieve the ideal similarity of flowers with the living will not be difficult. Droplets of office glue successfully imitate the dew, and a well-chosen paper of juicy colors will emphasize the eternal freshness of the "living" petals and make the flower buds of corrugated paper almost real. No special materials are required. You can begin to "grow" paper roses right now. Consider this master class in stages. Corrugated paper has an uneven surface and stretches, so the process of working with it is slightly different from making a rose from paper in origami technique. Many people think that it's easier to work with it - probably, it is. It is worth noting that there is corrugated and creped paper. The difference lies in the fact that the creped smaller picture on the corrugation, so roses made from crepe paper are better, and work with it easier. Also pay attention that the corrugated paper is for needlework and for packing. The second is much cheaper, but in order to make a rose is not suitable. Let us pass directly to the manufacture. Roses made of corrugated paper can be made in several ways. Choose the one that is easier for you, and then learn the rest.

Materials and components

Making roses from corrugated paper,Adhering to instructions is 100% optional. It will be better if you show resourcefulness and ingenuity. Materials can be replaced, and the forms can be adjusted at their own discretion. And if you want to do something unusual, you can use caramel or cotton candy to form a flower core - children will be delighted with sweet roses with a secret. So, what you need and what you can replace this or that material:

  • Corrugated paper (colored toilet paper, multi-colored paper napkins);
  • Wooden skewers (wire, thin twigs, etc.);
  • Color paper (green, red or other colors). You can, of course, do with white or use paints;
  • Concentrated sugar syrup or clerical glue (imitation of dew), small stapler;
  • Maximum imagination and additional elements, according to your creative plan. Without this, no way!

Option 1 "The Royal Rose" Building on the firstScheme, prepare corrugated paper of natural colors of the royal rose - white, delicate pink, juicy purple, poppy-red, etc. Next, proceed step by step: How to make a rose from corrugated paper Make a rose from corrugated paper

  • Optionally cut the petals of various shapes (smaller, larger, wider-narrower);
  • On the flower "leg", wrap a strip of corrugated paper (core) with a roller and fix the workpiece (tie the thread);
  • Instead of a bead of corrugation for the "heart" of a rose, you can use caramel or wrap some sugar candy on the trunk of a flower - the core will become sweet;
  • While holding the petals with your fingers, form a flower, arbitrarily overlaying the leaves on the core layer by layer. Fix the petals at the base (tie the thread);
  • The piping of the petals is masked with a corolla of a flower, cut out of green colored paper (corolla fix with glue), as in the picture;
  • Wrap the pedicel with brown paper (the effect of the stiffened trunk of a rose) or use the same green color (paper, gouache, foil - at your discretion);
  • Apply a droplet of glue or a thick syrup to the petals of the rose (dew) and let them dry.

Option 2 "Sudanese rose" And you know how to do itAn effective Sudanese rose in just 5-15 minutes? It's still easier than with the royal sister of the Queen of Gardens. In addition to the standard set of materials, you will also need a stationery stapler. The last, having shown a fantasy, it is possible and not to use. Looking at the picture below: How to make a rose from crepe paper

  • Cut out two (or more) identical circles from the corrugation and stack them stacked one on top of the other;
  • Taking all the mugs, fold them into a single "kulechek" (as for seeds) - it's very simple;
  • Stepping back 1.5-3 cm from the top of the cone, fix the workpiece with a stapler, breaking through the "kulechek" with a paper clip;
  • Carefully turning the design inside out, make the top of the former cone the core of the future flower (it will be harder to unscrew the more circles you initially took);
  • Prepare the stem by wrapping the wooden skewer with green colored paper, from which it is possible to make stem petals;
  • Pull the stem into the flower and, if necessary, additionally fix the joint (glue, tie the thread from the inside of the rose, etc.);
  • Fan the petals arbitrarily, set the flower cup the necessary shape, decorate the rose with "dew".

Having made one rose from corrugated paper, proceed to theNext - you will get an impressive bouquet, which will not be a shame to give or put in the living room. And if you get a good royal rose, make a new giant size - you'll all be amazed by your decorating skills. Bouquet of roses from corrugated paper with own hands Giantomania Corrugated paper can beMake not only roses of the standard size, but also huge. They are also used mainly for decoration, but you can organize a cool photo session. The production process is looking at the video. If you like to make paper flowers, pay attention to our article about the tulip from paper in origami technique.