How to make a rose from paper with your own hands

How to make a rose from paper with your own hands

A colorful bouquet of flowers in an elegant vase is not justanimates the situation of the room, but also becomes the central interior accent - the first that from a distance attracts everyone's attention. Knowing how to make a rose from paper, you can easily decorate the living room with an unfading bouquet, without burdening yourself with a costly trip to the flower shop, you will still get answers to a lot of other questions: what to add to the evening dress or original hairstyle than to take children and what to give to your relatives in the upcoming holidays. Bouquet of roses from paper with own hands Do you want to make a chic bouquet of paper roses? Today we will look at several ways how to make a rose out of paper with your own hands. At first glance, most of the presented production options are fairly simple (this is the feeling you will have when viewing the master classes), but we assure you that this is not so. From the first time, most likely, to make a rose from a paper it does not turn out, therefore be reserved by patience and account materials. Well, a good mood, because dealing with origami, being on the platoon - a bad idea.

Origami-florist materials

Of course, without a good mood and creativepassion for work is better not to proceed. And you may need: sheets of white paper and paint; transparent cellophane to wrap bulk roses and "disguise" their artificial origin; various ribbons and other decorative elements for the "tasty" decoration of the bouquet; two-sided color paper (close to the natural coloring of roses from the greenhouse). Realistically look origami roses from a simple paper napkin, take them a little more. Foil and thread, a bit of glue and sparkles are suitable. Folding roses from paper with your own hands, involve in the process everything that fits into the original creative idea. However, it is possible to make a rose from a school notebook and to surprise others. This simple trick does not require much. Lesson 1: How to fold a small rose from paper Simple rose from paper with your own hands Picture 1. A simple rose from paper with your own hands It turns out a kind of "weaving" the flower. For work you will need colored paper, wooden skewers for shish kebab and scissors. You may also need a PVA glue and a glue gun with quick-drying glue, if you decide to make a stem-stalk with leaves. This is a simple scheme, thanks to which a three-dimensional rose can be folded in five minutes, and for a whole bouquet of spectacular colors in origami technique, which you can even put in a vase, it will take you only 15-30 minutes. Step by step:

  • Cut out uniform long strips (about a sheet length) about 1 cm wide from the usual paper with your tool (scissors, scissors);
  • Take one strip and make on it the initial folds inside, according to Fig. 1. Carefully observe the angles of bends is not necessary, you can fold by eye - each origami rosette will be unique;
  • Carefully fold the workpiece along the axis,not running on the loose parts of the strip. Reaching the untouched section, bend the strip in the opposite direction from the previous bend and wrap the flower further;
  • Continue the "movement" until the end of the strip. Final "tail" glue to the bottom of the resulting flower;
  • Plant the "cap" of the rose on the pedicel. The latter can be made from green paper (folding a sheet into a thin tube) or use a wooden skewer (twig, wire - that is at hand).

You see how you can make beauty without specialtricks - easily and quickly? It remains to repeat the actions with the remaining paper strips, in order to quickly fold a whole bunch of roses from paper with their own hands. Similar colors can be folded from corrugated paper. Look closely at the video and several times in a row to see exactly how all this is done. Lesson 2: we add a figured rose by a pattern. Surely you have never seen anywhere else how to make a paper rose on a figured graphic pattern. It's amazing to just fold the beautiful queen of the garden with rice. 2. Especially good it comes from a double-sided sheet of paper, but you can use starched textiles, for example. How to make a rose from paper with your own hands Figure 2. How to make a rose from paper with your own hands

  • In Fig. Figure 2 shows an example for a standard sheet of paper for preparing a graphic template. Draw yourself a similar figure figure, where the undulating petals go to the center with serpentine;
  • Cut out the workpiece along the drawn contours and gently prune the line-serpentine with scissors to the very center point;
  • Make such templates for the desired number of flowers in the future bouquet - 3-15 pcs. (can be of different sizes);
  • Using the "pedicel" as an axial "spindle", gently wrap the edge of the curly strip on it, as shown in Fig. Wrap the whole flower like this, not hurrying and focusing on the origami base of the rose;
  • Paste the "bundle" at the base, while fixing it on the pedicel, spread the petals - you made luxurious flowers with your own hands.

Folding such a rose from colored paper, takeits most realistic shades are purple, tender pink, natural beige or richly red. And if this rose is performed from a napkin, the result will be classy - it will be almost impossible to distinguish it from the present from afar. The video shows an example of making a flower in a similar technique, but it sticks together from separate petals. Lesson 3: roses from paper spirals Perhaps, one of the most unusual ways how to get a small rose out of paper. No weaving and picking a flower from blanks, everything is as simple as possible, quickly and cheaply. Using this method, you can produce up to 200-300 flowers per day, which are perfect for decorating. The paper uses the most common. Glue needs PVA or special for needlework, quick-drying from an adhesive gun will not work. Lesson 4: a complex "living" rose in origami technique We improve our skills, and our new goal is a big rose in origami technique, most similar to the real queen of greenhouses. Mastering this scheme, you add not a simple flower from paper stock, but a true work of art. Patience and accuracy will directly depend on the final result. So: Origami rose from paper

  • Take a square sheet of paper and fold it along the diagonals, then in half from bottom to top and from right to left;
  • Fold the corners of a diagonal "square" in front of you to the bottom corner, forming the hem of the planes inside the workpiece (exactly as in Figure 3);
  • Next, fold the intricate "pocket", strictly adhering to the scheme, and then unfold the workpiece, focusing on the control points (see Figure 3 for details);
  • The resulting "layered" workpiece is confidentgrab with one hand to securely lock the package and prevent it from falling apart when wrapping the petals. With the second hand, start turning the "petals" from the inside, just trying to design and using the technique of opening the corners;
  • Align the edges of the corners, as shown in Fig. 3 and squeeze the fixing "ribs" of the flower, following the pattern. Using the rod of a ballpoint pen (pin or clip), "swirl" inward protruding petals. Similarly, twist the outer flower petals.
  • Using glue, plant the rose on a pre-prepared pedicel, decorated with stem petals made of green colored paper.

Stem of a paper rose in origami technique This is not the easiest origami rose, but to make itvery interesting. Especially inquisitive natures, aimed at the result. The grace of the finished flower will certainly reward you with a sense of pride in your skills in origami technique and contemplation of the almost real grandeur of the mistress of the rosary. Lesson 5: creating masterpieces. Rose Kawasaki If you understand how to combine the unique giant Kawasaki rose, you will be able to the most virtuoso crafts. The most difficult thing here is to learn how to make a rosebud from a simple square leaf. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to preview the training video, where it is much more clearly shown how it is done. How to Fold a Kawasaki Rose from Paper

  • Make a multi-level folding of the future rose from the paper blank of a square shape, relying on the video and fig. 4;

Kawasaki Rose scheme

  • Bend back the small corners and, raising the sheet, form a dome with a "cut off" upper corner, bring the workpiece into the plane of the required shape (see Figure 4);
  • Now form the core, gently bending to yourself the peculiar upper valves (opening) and bending the lower face of the workpiece backwards (lifting the bundle);
  • Fix the core with adhesive tape or hold it tightly with your fingers so that the workpiece does not disintegrate, then turn the product face down;
  • On the folds, rotate the corners (petals) inward along the axis, clasping the entire bowl of the flower. Then it will be necessary to open each corner fold by tucking it inward;
  • The outer petals, inaccurately protruding in different directions, need to be bent to each other and filled into the housing pocket of the neighboring petal;
  • Squeezing the bud in the hand, lightly compact it, and then straighten the flower from the inside, inserting a pencil into the cavity hole at the base - the origami of Kawasaki's rose is ready.

To origami, the rose of Kawasaki opened before youin absolute magnificence, form its petals, relying on the photo. Incredibly, a surprisingly beautiful rose of paper is produced by your own hands, although it is ready to compete in beauty with a living prototype from a flower shop. Especially good is such a hand-crafted napkin, but it will be even more difficult to make it - the soft material keeps the structure of the bends worse. The video will tell you how to make such beauty out of paper, if the diagrams in the photo are not enough for you. Was it possible to fold Kawasaki's rose from paper? You can be proud of your skills, but continue to make flowers of other varieties from origami paper. Tulips and lilies, for example. If you have more interesting options for creating paper roses - throw links to a photo or video in the comments!