How to make a paper boat - step by step instruction

How to make a paper boat - step by step instruction

If the baby is bored with toys, just showhim how to make a boat out of paper. Children study the process with interest and then work on its details for a long time, equipping the ship with plasticine passengers, paper implements, a straw flagpole or an improvised sail. Running ships from paper is even more interesting than stacking. Adults do this with the same excitement as the kids. Why not make the folding and launching of the paper fleet a family hobby then? Paper boat from the newspaper Homemade paper boat from the newspaperGoing for a walk, the boat can be sailed on a pond or lake, on the nearest river or a fast spring stream. For an exciting "round-the-world" trip, even an ordinary bathtub will do. It remains only to study a couple of schemes, show them to the child, then 2-3 repetitions of the process will fix the skill and the kid can be entrusted with creating a whole fleet for launching in the coming weekend. Step by step we will consider 2 schemes of folding of origami ships: a simple ship and a sailing yacht. By the way, you can dilute your fleet with a simple paper boat with a flat-bottomed boat and an excellent two-tube steamer.

Option 1 "Basic"

how to make a boat out of paper Making a boat out of paper The first scheme is wideis known. However, not everyone knows how to make a simple boat from paper on it. But everything is simple - just need a sheet of A4 or any other format (rectangle, but not square) and a little patience. You can use colored paper, for example, green - you get a warship, which is often decorated with red stars (applique). Note that one-sided sheets are folded inwards to get maximum color from the outside of the ship. Step-by-step instructions and Fig. 1 will help to understand the subtleties of the process. So, let's start:

  • Rectangular sheet in front of you vertically, and then fold it in half from top to bottom;
  • Now bend the workpiece vertically, equaling its left side to the right, squeeze the bend;
  • Go back to the stage back - before you again a horizontal half-folded sheet (the place of the bend from above, the loose sides below);
  • Now bend the upper corners to yourself, reducing them to one point and equating the faces along the central edge of the workpiece (see how to do in Figure 1);
  • Turn up the "walking" lower edges on each side and give the workpiece the shape of a triangle, filling the projecting corners with one another;
  • Expand your triangle from below, reducing its acute angles to each other - you will already have a square (see the figure);
  • The workpiece will have only 2 free corners, each of which must be wrapped to the opposite vertex on each side;
  • Again, open the resulting triangle from below, turning it into the correct square (as in §6);
  • Spread out the "walking" corners, releasing the mast, spread the toy - a boat made of paper with a mast-cone is ready.

We looked at how to make a paper boatstep by step, but you need to decorate and stylize the toy according to your plan: under a passenger liner or a military battleship - as you want. This craft works perfectly and floats for a long time on the water. To the toy does not soak and even more pleased the baby, paint it on the outside with acrylic paints or use glossy glossy sheets of paper.

Option 2 "Sailboat"

How to make a boat with a sail from paper Sailboat made of paper with their own handsscheme and mastered this technique in practice? Then it's time to diversify the skills of origami and fold a beautiful sailboat, for which nothing will be required, except for a paper sheet. It is important to take into account that the sailboat develops a little differently - unlike the first scheme, here the colored side of the sheet remains outside, that is, the sheet needs to be placed face down, and the rough side to itself. So, to the point:

  • Put a rectangular sheet in front of you vertically and fold it with an angle, bringing together the left side of the sheet with the top;
  • On the identified lower face, cut the workpiece with scissors - you need the right square sheet, the cut edge will not be useful to you;
  • "Span" the square, folding it in half and left to right, and from top to bottom, and then along the diagonals;
  • Adhering to Fig. 2, fold the "leaves" of the sheet to the center and, by the planned layout, fold the "boats" on both sides, pressing the workpiece in the center and opening it from the inside with a free hand along the edges;
  • Turning the resulting adjacent boats down "face", fold the workpiece diagonally, unfolding the elements perpendicular to each other (see Figure 2);
  • Squeeze the folds and stretch the toy - the boat with the sail is ready to make the first voyage.

Such a boat can be made from colored paperany tone is a matter of your own choice. And if you decorate the vessel with an umbrella for cocktails and give it a name (write on the side), you will get a full yoga origami - an interesting interior decoration for the nursery, which can be used in an exciting game. After all, such a steep cruise liner is always a tasty morsel for pirate ships. And knowing how to make ships from paper, the schooner of filibusters you now also fold easily.

Game development of the child

Not every adult knows how to fold a boat frompaper, what can we say about children. A small child will methodically and with interest learn the process, if it helps mom or dad. And folding paper figures is useful not only for leisure purposes, but for the overall development of the baby. The motor skills of the hands, non-standard thinking, design skills, memory and attention - all this trains the basic course of origami for children and paper boats in particular. First the baby will need your help. But, perhaps very soon the child will really surprise you. Boats are just a start, a fun game. Growing up, the kid probably wants to be engaged in modeling, if he already has the skills of folding origami figurines. This is definitely worth encouraging - a live hobby is always better than stupid computer games.