How to make steamship from paper - step by step instruction

How to make steamship from paper - step by step instruction

Surely you already submitted to a boat made of paper, andQuite simple in the performance of a boat in the origami technique. On our site there are detailed schemes of folding these toy boats for an exciting game with the baby or decorating the interior. But if you do not yet know how to make a steamer out of paper, then quickly learn this amazing craft. A proud paper steamer will become a worthy addition to the personal origami collection, and for children it will not only be an interesting toy, but also an excellent developmental school for a beginner innovator. Our step-by-step instruction will tell in detail how to make a steamer from paper in 1-2 minutes. See for yourself how easy it all really is. How to make steamer from paper

We build a two-pipe steamer

In addition to a simple sheet of paper, you do not have anythingrequired. Well, except that a couple of variegated stickers on the board or a set of colors (pencils, felt-tip pens) to make the steamer become completely unique in your exclusive painting. Stages of folding shows a scheme, which let's consider more closely: We make a two-pipe origami steamer made of paper

  • Prepare a square of paper to start. You can take a standard sheet A4, arrange it in front of you vertically, then bend the top edge of the sheet to the side face and press it. Superfluous "tail" on the bottom edge cut off - it will be superfluous;
  • Fold the harvested square diagonallyInside, to mark the sheet with bends crosswise. Then bend each corner of the sheet inside, forming a reduced square of geometrically regular shape (see Fig.);
  • Turn the workpiece face down and repeatFolding the corners to yourself, again reducing the size of the square workpiece. The two-pipe steamer will be ideal if the bends are done accurately, smoothly reducing joints according to the scheme;
  • Again turn the workpiece face down and againReduce the size of the square by analogous actions - bending the corners to yourself (focusing on the center of the square). You have almost folded everything, it remains only to properly develop the hand-made;
  • Fold the package in half, according to the instructions on thePhoto, and straighten (open inside) two pipes (one opposite the other). A steamer with two pipes is ready. Now you need to straighten his nose and stern. Do this, like opening the pipes, but not opening the patches from the inside;
  • Form the rounded shape of the pipes and straighten the toy, giving it stability. You can decorate the toy as you want, but we'll talk about this a little later.

This is how a simple algorithm developsBeautiful origami steamer. Not more difficult than a boat, is not it? Even in toddlers 3-5 years old you can do everything according to this scheme after 2-4 demonstrations of the process by parents. Everything is elementary, in the style of the classic origami - without glue and stapler, without scissors and additional axial structures. How to "revive" a toy To fold a toy, it is not necessary to take a standard sheet. If, for example, you want to make a steamer of huge sizes from paper, you can take even a large paper. But in the game application is important not only the size, but also how to make a steamer real. And then everything depends on your imagination:

  • You can make waves from paper scraps, gluing them together with a ring and placing a toy in the heart of an improvised ocean. So the pyroscaphe will be much more interesting to look on the shelf;
  • It is possible to make a steamship "on the fly" from paper by putting pieces of disheveled cotton wool or pieces of sintepon into the pipes of the toy. By putting cotton wool in the pipes of the ship, you "wind" the boat. In the game it is very useful;
  • You can paint the bead with anchors and stars or give the ship a great name, decorate the toy with stickers or appliqués - realize your creativity by involving children in the process.

Paper steamer with own hands Do you like to store the steamer? Now you can persuade the children for a long time with an interesting learning process in a game form. And if they have already understood everything and lost interest in this craft, tell them how to make a real airplane from paper, which travels far and long - there will be no limit to the enthusiasm of the children.