How to make a stork for a garden with your own hands, from bottles master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make a stork for a garden with your own hands, from bottles master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

An ancient legend says that God gathered fromparadise garden of all reptiles in one bag and ordered a man to throw it into the sea with his own hands. A curious Homo sapiens wanted to look at the critters, untied the sack, and, of course, missed all. The Lord was angry and turned this man into a stork, so that he would protect other people from all toads and snakes. Since then, storks always live near a person, feed on reptiles and bring us happiness. Many of the old pictures depict a stork with an infant. In the Slavic peoples, it is commonly believed that this bird is responsible for procreation and well-being. If the storks settled on the roof, the house will be full of happiness and childish laughter. And if not settled, then a wonderful stork with a baby can be made by hand from the handy material and mounted on a hobbyhorse or apple tree in the center of the garden.

Happiness from bottles

We need to get a stork out of plastic bottles for the garden, we need to prepare the following materials:

  • empty bottles;
  • thick wide board for the base;
  • rod or thick wire for legs;
  • piece of foam plastic 10 cm thick;
  • corrugated hose from vacuum cleaner;
  • 2 plastic cans of 5 liters;
  • metal mesh for wings;
  • a stapler.

Master class for making happiness

That on the paths of your garden there are almost real storks, you will need only a few hours of enthusiastic work with your own hands.

  • Cut out a piece of foam with a head with a beak, draw eyes or glue your hands on black beads.


  • Cut out of a dark bottle a beak from two parts and glue it into place.


  • Master-class for the manufacture of the trunk begins with the cutting of the handle in the canister. Then you need to bend the net in the form of a canister with your own hands and cut off the excess.


  • In order to make the legs, bend the rod and fix its ends in the board.


  • We conduct a master class on the preparation of plastic feathers.


  • Attach the feathers to the canister, beginning with the tail.
  • Master class on nasazhivaniya neck begins with fixing the wire reinforcement. Then a hose is put on it.


  • Attach small "feathers" on your neck with scotch tape.


  • Fix the feathers on the grid.


  • Stork for our garden will stand, folding its wings, so we simply attach all the feathers with a stapler by our own hands, blocking each previous row by one-third.


  • We finish the master-class by connecting all the detailsand a decorative touch on the eyes, beak and legs. This bird can be installed in the depths of the garden for the whole summer. It will not spoil the rain and will not fly away.


Tilda Stork

Fashionable toys today, sewn with their own hands of ordinary cloth on simple patterns. We will not fully describe the master class for their manufacture.

  • Cut from the fabric details of the craft, sew and fill with any filler.

  • Separately, you need to make a beak (you can from cardboard) and attach it to your head. It remains to make clothes, glue the eyes, wrap the baby and give it to the stork.

Tilda Stork-2Of course, such a soaked bird will not settle on the branches of the garden, but it can decorate the flower pot on the windowsill.

Stork with the baby on the nest

Another way to make your home rich andhappy - to make a stork on the nest. For a basis it is possible to take patterns of a tilde of a bird. Cut out of plastic white bottles from under the milk of feathers, fasten them and make wings, decorating the ends with real feathers. Place a few white feathers on top of the head. Form a real tail feather, sew or glue eyes and tie and put the bird in the nest. Stork with the baby on the nestIt can be made from ordinary rods, having fastened them with a wire. To get a stork with an infant, put him in the wings of any doll. Master class on making a happy amulets is over. Stork and baby on the nest-2

Simple happiness

Simple happinessThese two rag birds can not be left on the tracksgarden, and the master class for making the first stork requires a lot of time and materials. Do not be discouraged and just flush the nest and cut out the flat bird from the textolite or plywood. Color it, give the beak a string bag with a puppy and everything, the stork with the baby has already settled on your roof.