How to make a cat costume with your own hands, female cats, how to sew / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make a cat costume with your own hands, female cats, how to sew / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Graceful affectionate and intelligent animal. And what a beautiful! It is no coincidence that in some countries it is considered a symbol of well-being and wisdom. In ancient Egypt they were revered and never offended. In the palace of the Queen of Britain has been living for many years a cat, which is allowed to attend all receptions. Dress up in a carnival costume in the form of a cute kitty can be a child and a young girl. It is not difficult to sew a cat's costume with your own hands. Its main attributes are the ears and tail. We'll start with them.

Ears and tail

Any black and white outfit, complemented by neat triangular ears and a long tail, can be considered a cat's costume. In order to sew them you will need:

  • black fabric (it is better to use any natural or artificial fur);
  • white fabric;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • thread, needle;
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • any filler;
  • hair hoop.

The order of performance of work

  • Make a pattern of the ears in the form of two triangles. One is 0.5 cm more from both sides and 4 cm from one.

  • Cut out one black ear and one white one. Turn the pattern over with the other side and cut a couple more ears.
  • Attach a white triangle to the wrong side of black and wrap the black edges of 0.5 cm on both sides. Put a cardboard triangle inside.

Ears and tail-3

  • Mark the places on the hoop where the ears should be and wrap around them 4 cm of black fabric, dripping the PVA glue inside.
  • Make a tail pattern.
  • Cut the tail of the two parts.
  • Sew them, unscrew and stuff the filler inside.

Ears and tail-4

  • Sew a tail to your waist or suit.

Ears and tail

Ears from hair

If you have long hair, then absolutelyit is not necessary to make ears out of cloth or cardboard. It is enough to have two thin bands and a few pins to make two dicks, as shown in the photo, which will look great, imitating cat's ears. Ears from hairBy the way, two fluffy pom-poms attached to the hair of a girl will also solve the problem of feline auditory organs. Ears from hair-2


That our Murka was really smart andit is desirable to decorate the cat's costume with a white breast - lace, lace or fur jabot. It can also be made from a satin white ribbon, assembled with loops of various lengths. BreastSuch a garment will decorate not only the carnival clothes of a girl. It will perfectly complement the costume of a female cat. Be sure to attach a small black or red bow. Well, what is Murka without a bow?

Cat Woman Costume

Great and very erotic looks girl insuch clothes. Attributes for it can be used the same as for children's costume: ears and tail. White jabot in adult ladies will perfectly replace the deep neckline and bow on the neck. The cuffs will add fuzzy. Make them very simple. Take two strips of any fur with a width of 3-10 cm and a length slightly longer than the circumference of your wrist. Sew them in a ring. Cat Woman CostumeYou can diversify clothes by sewing a fur hood. The photo shows a pattern of such an original supplement. Separately given patterns ears patterns, which are sewn on a ready-made hood for adults. They are cut out in four parts and stitched together in the form of triangular sacs. Put some sintepon in them and a piece of cardboard cut out on the same patterns, and sew to the hood.

Cat in hat

If you still have a lot lefttime and material, you can make a special cap with ears. The photo shows a pattern of such a headdress. It perfectly complements both the children's and adult cat costume. You can not sew a hat, but use it alreadyready, sewing on her ears, made by the patterns shown above. The ears on the hat with the fields are coquettish. Such a costume can be made for a boy-cat. If you throw a pelerine on your shoulders, put on your boots and put a sword on your feet, you will get a posh cat in boots.


One of the most crucial moments inmaking a feline image is applying the appropriate coloring on the face. Here is where to fool your fantasy. The female cat costume will be complete. After all, a cat's muzzle is not just a black mustache. Do not forget to draw:

  • three - four vertical strips above each eyebrow;
  • I'll slip the eyeliner;
  • spout, in the form of a black pipette on the tip of the nose;
  • above the upper lip, you can draw a strip to the nose and decorate the skin with black dots;
  • If you are depicting a striped cat, you can make soft strips on your cheeks.


Cat or cat costume

By making the most necessary attributes, you canthink about clothes. It should be picked up or stitched in one or two keys. Of course, there are also tricolor cats, but in a suit it is difficult to convey. The costume of a black cat is interesting and elegant. Dark tights, skirts or jumpsuits can be found in any wardrobe of both an adult and a child. Cat or cat costume

Cat Cat Costume

Cat Cat CostumeWe have long learned how to dress up our ownpets in clothes and even shoes. A cat in a cat costume looks funny. On the photo, Murka flaunts in a simple cape fixed to the neck of the bow. Look at similar master classes: