How to make a Christmas tree from pasta, photos, instructions, ideas / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a Christmas tree from pasta, photos, instructions, ideas / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Create an original Christmas tree for decorationNew Year's table can be made from materials that can be found in every home. With your own hands, a pasta from a pasta is a great idea for a gift to relatives, an office or a children's office. To produce a Christmas tree, you will need a minimum of components:

  • Scissors;
  • sheet of cardboard or Whatman;
  • pasta-spirals or feathers;
  • Glue "Moment";
  • paint in can;
  • tape, beads or "rain" for decoration.

The process of making a Christmas tree with your own hands

  • We make a basis for the Christmas tree. The New Year beauty from edible materials is simple in execution, even children will cope with the task. First, you need to make a base for the Christmas tree, by folding a sheet of cardboard or a thick paper cone. If its lower edge is unstable, you need to cut off the excess part of the paper with scissors. Cut the edges of the paper and leave the cone to dry;
  • We glue pasta. When deciding how to make a Christmas tree from pasta, consider that it is necessary to glue the "needles" from spirals or feathers from below. To do this, step back from the bottom edge about an inch and fix using the glue "Moment" pasta, placing them close to each other. Try not to leave the distance between the pasta so that the paper is not visible;
  • We form the "body" of the Christmas tree. For a Christmas tree of macaroni, the number of rows depends on the height of the base. The last row of pasta or spiral pastes is fixed so that the top ends of the product are connected to each other - that is, position them at an angle;
  • Paint the pasta on the Christmas tree. If you use aerosol paint, you need to paint your Christmas tree with your hands in a ventilated room. The color of the paint can be not only green, you can make a Christmas tree, for example, silver or gold. Wait for the herringbone to dry completely;
  • Staining of the Christmas tree with gouache. In the absence of paint in the can, the use of gouache for a Christmas tree from pasta is allowed. But you need to dye pasta before gluing. And when fixing them on the cone, try not to lubricate the gouache;
  • We decorate a Christmas tree from pasta. The handicraft can be issued in any way, for example, tying a bow on the top of the tree with a ribbon. Several small bows are worth hanging around the grounds, imitating Christmas toys. If there is no colored tape at hand, decorate the Christmas tree with a "rain" to your liking.
  • A miracle herringbone made by one's own hands can be placed in a flower pot that is suitable for size or put it on a shelf, a table directly.

    Herringbone with macaroni and tinsel

    Even easier to do at homeherringbone from macaroni, adding a product of flour tinsel. And this material can coincide in color with a hint of paint, chosen for the design of the New Year tree. Christmas tree with macaroni and tinselTo act for the manufacture of crafts need such aIn the same way, as in the first master class, only rows of pasta must be alternated with tinsel. It is optimal if rows with tinsel and pasta will be spiraled - so it is more convenient to fasten a shiny Christmas decoration. Tinsel can be green, like needles. And macaroni can be painted after gluing with aerosol paint or using already gouache-painted spirals, feathers.

    Christmas tree from pasta-bows

    Elegant Christmas tree is made ofmacaroshkas in the form of bows. Since these pasta products are voluminous and difficult to fasten, it is worth using not an ordinary glue, but a thermo-gun. You can fasten pasta-bows on a plastic fouger for champagne, taking off his leg. Glue the pasta in a checkerboard order. You need to decorate the work after fixing the pasta and drying it. decorations on a Christmas tree from pastaMake such a Christmas tree of toys tooYou can use your own hands from macaroni - stars, letters, flowers and other forms. Such pasta is often already sold in color - for children. Of these, you can glue a whole star on the tree or small pendants, attaching them to the craft with glue.

    Children's Christmas tree-postcard from macaroni

    With children you can quickly make up your own handsa Christmas gift as a gift to a grandmother, a teacher, or a friend. A simple article has a rectangle made of cardboard or thick paper. It should be pasted with glue "Moment" macaroni of any shape, for example, in the form of wheels or letters. If desired, you can add a fir-tree fringed from colored paper. Christmas tree from a pasta postcardTo paint a postcard with a Christmas tree from a macaroni costs alreadyafter completion of work on gluing elements. You can use gouache, and decorations here will suit any - beads, rhinestones, paper bows and not only. Such a Christmas tree made of macaroni, made by own hands, can be turned into a pendant by passing a ribbon through its top. And the postcard in a few moments will become a Christmas tree toy. Glue it to the wall and with two-sided scotch. See similar master classes: