How to make unusual crafts with children on the Victory Day with their own hands.

How to make unusual crafts with children on the Victory Day with their own hands.

The best gift for the Victory Day has always beencrafts made by own hands. For a kid it is, above all, the development of imagination, accuracy, and for the parent, one of the opportunities to tell about the importance of this event. Each child should be cultivated with cultural and patriotic qualities. For parents, the best occasion to begin this kind of training will be the approaching holiday of the Great Victory. Parents should tell their children about the war itself, about the tragic events, they are obliged to instil in the child a sense of pride for their country and respect for the veterans. Each work of the child is individual, one should only choose the style of execution (cardboard, plasticine, paper, napkins, bottles, etc.). children often make the main symbols of the Victory Day: red stars, carnations, ribbons, planes, tanks, soldiers. So do different applications, using several elements. Today we will tell you how to make a bouquet of flowers and a postcard to the Victory Day. Postcard for the veteran "Gvozdichki" To make a greeting card, you will need materials such as:

  • dense paper for the substrate (the cardboard is excellent),
  • corrugated paper,
  • markers (paints, pencils - to whom as conveniently),
  • PVA glue

So, let's get started! The first step is the creation of flowers. You need to cut out corrugated paper circles, such a diameter, what flowers are conceived. Next, you need to fold the rods to 1/8 of the piece. At the edges of the resulting part we make small cuts. In the center, we also make an incision, but a deeper one. Finish the finished part without spreading the petals of the flower. In the heart of the flower should be dripped slightlyglue, but do not overdo it, if there is a lot of glue the flower will lose its pristine appearance. Every detail should be folded in half and pressed firmly with your fingers. From the green paper, we cut out the sepals, attach it to the carnation. Ready-made flowers are glued to the postcard and decorated. Bouquet to the winner For work we need threeWooden skewers, as well as green paper specifically designed for quilling. We soak each strip of water and gently swirl it onto the skewer. Do not forget to leave the tape tip not sealed. At the end of the stick glue the tape yellow and begin to wind it. As a result, the core of the flower should look like. From above on a yellow tape we wind a small piece of a black tape cut from one side by small incisions. The core of the flower is completely ready. We wind the petals. On the "bare" skewer, wind not a long black ribbon, then a ribbon of yellow color (about 1.5-2 times longer than black), and then red (identical to yellow). This given circle will serve as a petal. We collect a flower in five petals. We decorate the stem, the flower is ready. There are still a lot of options for performing crafts dedicated to the Great Victory Day, but we'll talk about them later.