How to make your own hands utensils for dolls from various materials. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make your own hands utensils for dolls from various materials. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Not only do children like to play dolls - many,even when they are already in adulthood, do not deny yourself this pleasure, especially if you make for yourself with your hands all sorts of interesting things, including a complete assortment of everything you need for life and home of your favorite doll: wardrobe, interior and furniture, various accessories and So what kind of house can you do without dishes? It does not matter at all that he is a puppet, however, and the service, and other kitchen utensils should be as similar to the real one. After figuring out how to make dishes for dolls, youEasily you will make it yourself with your hands in a variety of options. A little imagination and patience - and the interior of the doll house kitchen for your favorite barbie or monster hi will get a gorgeous update.

The scope for creativity or what you might need

Do not worry that to create suchtoy accessories you have to go to serious waste, because miniature dishes can be made from even from improvised materials. Of course, eminent masters demonstrate the manufacture of luxurious porcelain with jewelry and silver / gold fringe or no less beautiful metal sets with embossing. Such dishes for dolls look like a real work of art. Nevertheless, there are materials with which to workit's much easier and even cheaper - it's polymer clay, plasticine, and salted dough, and plain paper / cardboard, and wood, and even some completely non-standard things like the remaining lids, plugs, caps, plastic boxes, metal elements of electronic boards more info ), the remains of tin cans, natural materials (acorns, nutshells, sticks), etc. Cookware in miniatureIf your child is fanatical from Barbie dolls ormonster hi, it is faster and easier all together with him to make their own dishes from plasticine or polymer clay. Firstly, these materials are very accessible, and secondly, they are easy to work with; thirdly, the doll utensils of them will turn out bright, beautiful and durable, besides, you can choose any color for making, and the products will not be need additional painting or coloring. So, to make a miniature dish, you need to cook:

  • polymer clay of desired colors (you can take a self-hardening material or baked - the latter, as you know, will need to be baked in the oven at the final stage of the work);
  • paste-machine for rolling layers (if it is not, you can use even a glass with smooth walls);
  • cutter cutters (are replaced by all kinds of lids of different diameters, blade, knife), syringe-extruder (optional);
  • Acrylic paints and a fine brush, if there is still a desire to add or finish something;
  • glossy varnish to cover the finished products for greater strength and beautiful shine, decorations at their discretion (sequins, etc.).

If this is your first timeminiature creativity, you can learn from ready-made master classes or watch video lessons that detail how to make barbies or monster hai from different materials with your own hands.

Getting Started

Starting should always be easy, so let's figure out how to make a plate for dolls, because there's nothing easier than that.

  • We will make a plate made of polymer clay (according tothe same principle can be used to make a product from plasticine). Cut a good piece of plastic and roll it into a uniform layer (its thickness should be no more than one and a half to two millimeters).
  • Check that there are nowhere any bulges or sharp differences in thickness, try to achieve uniformity of the formation, even if you do not have a paste machine.
  • Cut with a cutter or small caps(choose the size and diameter you need, depending on how much you want to see the future saucers and plates, but keep in mind that there should not be any threads inside them) from the clay layer of the circles.
  • Then remove the scraps and make prints in the middle of each circle. To do this, you can use a cap from lipstick or pencil - depending on what size you have a plate.
  • For beauty, make the edges of the groove with the head of the pin. Then these decorative dents can be painted with bright acrylic.
  • The product of baked polymer clay is placed inoven (baking time should be indicated on the package), and from self-hardening - just leave to dry. After that, you can sand the dishes with sandpaper and varnish.
  • It is also very simple to make deep vases forall sorts of goodies - honey, jam, condensed milk or sour cream. To make them, you will need to roll the balls out of the clay, and then carefully make a groove in them with the finger or the end of the stick. Bottom form with a ring of thinly rolled sausage material. Cups can be sculpted in the same way, onlyThe groove should be larger, and a small handle will also be needed. If you want to make a mug, wrap a layer of clay / plasticine around the edge of the pen (smooth, not ribbed), add a bottom and a handle to the future cup, and when the material dries, carefully remove the product from the cap by turning it in different directions. The tea pot is made from several balls: one big will be in the base, the second smaller - it will be needed for the stand, the third one for the lid and the smallest one for the cap pimp. Plus - sausage clay on the spout and handle. By the same principle, you can make a coffee pot,sugar bowl, milkman and other items needed, for example, for tea. Spoons can also be made from clay, or take a thin wire / pin for this (bend one end with pliers into a small half-loop, and then use a hammer to form a base in the spoon and its tail). Inspired by the ideas of other masters, you can make your own masterpieces of miniature dishes only from clay or plasticine, but also from paper, for example, in the technique of quilling, use natural or improvised materials for products, etc. And what should you serve on the table for guests in your doll house? Bon Appetit!