How to make yourself a manicure at home. Step by step instruction, different techniques and materials

How to make yourself a manicure at home. Step by step instruction, different techniques and materials

Often happens: you come to the beauty salon for a new original manicure that will give your image complete, but leave with a devastated wallet and without the expected result. This article will help you save money and, at the same time, spend time in a rather interesting occupation, as a result of which, your nails will simply shine with exquisite and refined, or simple, but original manicure and complement your image. So: What is needed for this? First you need to know a few rules about how to properly organize work on your nails and how to behave in the process of drawing nails.

Manicure rules at home.

• Prepare everything you need in advance. You can not run around with painted nails and look for a brush for painting or varnish, otherwise you can ruin everything with the wrong move of your hand, for which you spent so much time and inspiration. • In order not to burn out due to the fact that some elements you do not get, you do not need to use the most complex combinations. Start with the simple. Do not worry because at a party someone has a manicure with more twisted drawings. Minimalism is not always bad. The topic is more, after a while spent drawing on your nails, you will learn such original techniques that all your girlfriends will want to enroll in your manicure. • If you can not decide for a long time with the choice of a pattern, you can simply paint your nails with varnish, in the color of clothes or accessories. Do not forget about the French manicure, the idea of ​​which is used by all fashionable women of the world. • If you really want to surprise your acquaintances with a trendy drawing on nails, and you are not yet experienced in this area, stickers on your nails will come to your aid. Use them is not at all embarrassing even when you are a pro in your business. After all, not every pattern lends itself to a brush and varnish. • When you have already started to create beauty on your nails, do not forget that a new layer of varnish can not be applied until the previous one has dried, otherwise not only the color will suffer, but the picture itself will be smeared.

What do you need for a manicure?

So, as we have already found out, you first needprepare everything you need for a manicure, namely: • Lacquer base • Manicure set • Nail polisher that will protect not only your nails, but your drawing • Multicolored nail polish • Set of brushes • Gel pens for applying the finest details of the pattern • Possible sequins, rhinestones (depending on the type of manicure) Methods of drawing on nails Now we will tell you about ways that you can use drawing on nails. We will reveal to you the main secrets and tricks, thanks to which your nails will look irresistible. Procedure 1. First, apply the main color on the nails, on which you already will create your fairy tale. 2. Wait until your substrate dries. 3. Now we can proceed directly to the actual drawing. 4. Begin to apply the varnish with a thin brush, the amount of varnish should depend on the technique that you have chosen. Your design may include different colors, so you must remember that each lacquer needs to dry out. 5. When the pattern is complete, apply a clear varnish on the nails. After you have learned the basic algorithm of actions, we can tell you about the two most popular techniques of nail painting. The first way - applying varnish with a needle. 1. This technique is an exception to the rules of the home manicure, because when using a needle, the nails should be painted immediately after applying the main color, without waiting until it dries. It is better to take a thin needle, so that it would be convenient for you to draw small components of the pattern. 2. Apply the main color to the nails, it should be thick enough to be drawn on it, but not so thick that it can simply be torn off with a needle. 3. Immediately after this, add a few varnish droplets of a different color. It is worth emphasizing the fact that droplets of lacquer are also made with a needle, otherwise they will be too large and the picture will not work. 4. Very quickly spread the droplets with a needle making an ornament that you like. 5. After the drawing has dried, apply a clear varnish on the nails, as already indicated. The second way is drawing with a brush. 1. As in the previous method, first it is necessary to apply a base color to the nail. 2. Then, take the jar with the color that you would like to see in the role of the pattern itself. Dip a thin brush in it, wait until the paint is spread over the brush. 3. Apply the main pattern, first apply the simplest decor elements, making them more complex. 4. Optionally, you can add another color, and repeat the algorithm from the second point onwards. 5. The number of colors and shades on your drawing depends only on your preferences, but do not overdo it, otherwise the whole manicure may look tasteless. 6. Whether to wait until the previous layer of varnish will dry in the technique of drawing with a brush depends only on the drawing itself. You have to think it through before you get down to business. We will also tell you about some types of nail painting, which will suit both beginners and artists with experience.

"Camomile field"

How to make yourself a manicure at home. Step by step instruction, different techniques and materials. Photo №1 "Camomile field" - one of the most accessibledrawings, which can even beginners amateurs. You will need varnishes of such colors: • pink - basic • white and yellow - for the pattern. Procedure: 1. Apply a pink varnish on the whole surface of the nail, wait until it dries. 2. Begin to apply yellow droplets - the core of chamomile, it is very important to correctly calculate the place on your nails, also watch the amount of varnish applied, if it is too much, the drop will be very large and leave a chamomile field, and one big daisy in pink background. 3. Then, with white lacquer, around the yellow drops, apply the dots - the petals of the daisies. 4. Wait until the pattern has dried and cover it with a transparent fixer. A gentle manicure "Chamomile Field" will look very good on your nails, especially in the spring-summer season.


How to make yourself a manicure at home. Step by step instruction, different techniques and materials. Photo # 2 Drawing on nails "Refined": its name speaks not only about the style of the drawing, but also about the technique itself, because this manicure consists of fine lines applied to the nail with the help of a thread. For him you will need: • Lucky black, red, white and silvery colors • A thread that will help make the pattern even. • Varnish - fixer • Fine brush. 1. Apply the lacquer base in red and wait until it dries. 2. Using a fine brush, use a thread, apply two perpendicular black lines, so that the center of the intersection is markedly shifted up and to the right (or left). 3. Then, using a thread, apply two lines of white color (also perpendicularly one to one, but parallel to black and keeping a small distance) 4. Similarly, apply two lines of silvery color, but you must measure the distances from the white lines, not from the black ones. 5. Wait until the pattern dries and apply a clear varnish to the nail. This picture is more suitable for visiting evening events, but when choosing the right accessories it can look harmonious and in the daytime.

"Winter's Tale"

How to make yourself a manicure at home. Step by step instruction, different techniques and materials. Picture №3 Drawing "Winter's Tale", which is undoubtedlydecorate your image during the Christmas and New Year holidays. For him you will need: • Varnishes of white and blue color • Thin needle • If desired, you can add rhinestones, sequins or shiny varnish. Work procedure: 1. Apply the lacquer of a gentle blue color, as a base, to the entire surface of the nail, wait until the varnish dries. 2. Apply three white crosses on the nail, arrange them as you would like to see snowflakes on your nail. 3. Draw dashes with white lacquer so that you get snowflakes. 4. Along the edges of the lines, put risks or points to make your snowflakes look more natural. 5. If you dare to add some decor in the form of rhinestones or sparkles - you need to apply it until the lacquer is dry, as it serves as a glue for them. 6. When you have finished drawing, wait until everything has dried and cover with a fixer. This manicure will make a festive-winter mood, not only for you, but for everyone who sees it.