How quickly and simply to teach a child to count with the help of a teaching craft-toy, made by own hands.

How quickly and simply to teach a child to count with the help of a teaching craft-toy, made by own hands.

Children grow very fast and develop ithelp not only parents, but also teachers in kindergarten. Preschoolers simply taught to count during the game. But what game can you think of? We propose to make a simple hand-crafted article, which allows us to teach the children a score during the game. This toy for the account can be made with the child. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, because it is made of felt. You can make a similar and from colored paper. Excellent develops fine motor skills and teaches the child to count. But first, we'll tell you how to pospozovatsya this unusual toy-counting. How quickly and simply to teach the child to count with the help of hand-made toys made by themselves. Master class for making an unusual educational toy. Photo №1 There are two ways to play this game. Method number 1At the right side of the ladybug, an adult puts several black dots. The child counts the number and on the opposite side applies the appropriate correct number. Method number 2 The child himself chooses the number and puts the desired number of points on the back of the bug. Necessary materials for making hand-made articles:

  • felt of red and black color,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • printout with numbers.

Step 1Remove the template. Print out or draw a ladybug on paper. Cut out the contour. You should have 3 parts. Large oval-back, head and strip. Pin the pattern to the felt, circle and cut out the details. Do not forget to cut out the remains of the fabric point. Step 2 We paste the parts. Glue PVA or for needlework, glue the parts together. Leave to dry. You can put the toy under the press. Step 3 Cut the numbers. Now we need a computer and a printer. We print on a separate sheet of figure. Type them in the largest font. Carefully cut out our numbers with scissors. And now you can play with the child! Simple and interesting toy for the account, it's easy! Such crafts can be made to children themselves under the supervision of adults. In kindergarten or other preschool institutions, such simple toys created by the children themselves are perfect for teaching children.