How to beautifully tie a scarf for men and women

How to beautifully tie a scarf for men and women


Scarf is an accessory that loves and wears a hugenumber of people. And not only for utilitarian purposes - protection from wind and frost - but also as a stylish wardrobe detail that can emphasize individuality, make a certain accent, harmonize a set of clothes. Therefore, it is important not only to know how to beautifully tie a scarf in different situations (for a walk - regardless of the season, at an official event or at work in the office, on a jacket in autumn or winter, instead of a cap on the head, etc.), but also Be able to do it. Our accessible master class is precisely aimed at teaching simple but effective ways to tie a scarf of different lengths, from different materials to different seasons.

Simple rules

For starters - a few words about how to wear a scarf: how to choose it for the situation, clothes, skin type, hair color.

Cashmere scarf - warm and very cozy. But it requires careful compliance with proportions: on a tall or full woman looks awkwardly a small scarf, on a miniature - on the contrary, large and bulky.
Cotton scarf - universal accessory forAny season, capable of making any outfit stylish: a thin dress, a dense coat, a denim set. It should also be selected in proportion to the figure.
A thin summer silk scarf can be twisted-wound as much as it pleases - the thickness and season to this place.
As for the color scheme, you need to study the trends of the season and choose from them those shades that are right for you.
Video master-class on this theme from "FashionableVerdict "will complement these councils. As you can see, combining an accessory with clothes only in color - not enough to create a stylish image, you need more detailed knowledge and skills.
Video: Wear a scarf correctly
Now - as for skills. How beautiful to tie a scarf, so that it carries not only functionality, but also aesthetics? You can do this in many different ways: there is a great variety of options, it is not possible to collect all of them into one master class. Therefore, here you will find the simplest, but spectacular ways of tying, gaining which, you can "swing" and the more tricky options.

Video instruction

This video master-class is universal: He will teach how to tie a stylish element of the wardrobe in different ways, including - how to tie a scarf on a coat or jacket. Do not fit for this only the options with a throw on his shoulders - tied to the outer clothing in this way, he will restrict the movement.
If you have a jacket with a hood, then the role of a scarf more oftenJust in order to tighten the hood on the neck. That is, it must be tied under a hood, simple knots that do not create a large uncomfortable thickening. The easiest way to make it beautiful is to tie an ordinary knot like a pioneer tie. You can also tie one knot, and leave the second as a beautifully straightened loop.
In the next video are collected just simpleWays. According to this master class, it is possible to tie the scarf beautifully not only on the neck, but also on the outer clothing - a coat or jacket, including - instead of a cap on your head, if the weather has deteriorated and the headdress has not been brought with you. So, if such a situation happens and the question arises, how to tie a scarf on a coat, you can safely use the advice of this video master class. It will not only be warm, but beautiful.
Video: How to arrange a scarf around your neck

Useful tips for wearing a scarf on your head

These few tips will help you properly wear a scarf on your head:

  • In winter, for these purposes, you need to choose a thicker and more dense mating than in the autumn, so there should not be many knots and turns around the head and neck - otherwise the "pumpkin" will turn out;
  • More "loose", free methods are suitable for windless weather, otherwise it is advisable to tie a scarf on the head and chest tighter;
  • A great alternative for wearing on your headCan become a snore. It allows you to protect yourself well from the cold, but it does not seem too massive. One or two turns make it on the head, another one or two (depending on the size) - on the neck.

Instead of a headdress Another few simple ways how to beautifully tie a scarf on your head:

  • To throw on the head, wrap one time and cross the edges on one shoulder;
  • Throw on his head and tie around his face like a village handkerchief. The ends can be tied at the back, or in front, or left free;
  • Throw over your head, tie back like a kerchief, throw the edges forward (you can also tie it);
  • turban. The main purpose of this method is to completely cover the head, no matter what direction. The highlight is beautifully tied edges - it does not matter, in front, side or back. There is no single master class for this method, there are many variations. Looks like a turban (or turban) is always beautiful. True, requires not too dense and large drawings.

Tips for men

On the representatives of the stronger sex this subject tooCan and should be tied beautifully, after all it is the same stylish part of the wardrobe, image, even man's charisma, if you want. How to tie a scarf to a man - easily, quickly and beautifully? A few of the following mini-master classes confirm the soap that is quite possible:

  • The same knot-loop as in the female version. Folded in half, the scarf is thrown over the neck and stretches the ends into a loop that is formed at the point of its fold;

  • Turnover around the neck. Suitable for cold weather - perfectly protects from wind. How to do it - see the figure;

  • Node "Ascot". On the chest knot knot, pull closer to the face. The upper edge of the accessory is slightly loosened and straightened;

  • Override the shoulder. Scarf cross on one shoulder, without tying;
  • Two turns around the neck. One edge of the scarf is located at the chest level, the second makes two turns and hides the ends of the accessory between the layers formed;

  • Free drapery. The scarf is freely thrown over the neck and the ends are tucked under the clothes with a V-neck.

As you can see, even such an ordinary thing in the wardrobe,As a warm scarf, can become an indispensable accessory and functional part of the outfit simultaneously. And the master classes given here make it clear that there are a lot of ways that are easy for novices to play in the matter of tying beautiful knots.
Video: Men's options for tying a scarf