How to make a bead from a bead, a master class, a plait bracelet / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to make a bead from a bead, a master class, a plait bracelet / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Spider traits in which our ancestors believed:

  • the spider in the house is fortunately;
  • kill the spider - to conjure unhappiness, fire or ruin;
  • the spider in the morning is a good fate;
  • a spider in the daytime - pleasant worries, good news;
  • spider in the evening - you can wait for a gift;
  • To see a spider in a dream is hope;
  • Red spider - to money and wealth, etc.

Well, as after this, do not want to have a home like thishappiness? It is not necessary to breed insects and hang corners with cobwebs, you can just make this "adorable" creation by yourself. And perhaps a spider from beads will bring no less joy than its living prototype. Let's start with a little happiness.


In order to make a master class for beginners on the theme of weaving from beads, we will need:

  • beads of three colors (red, yellow, black);
  • Round pliers;
  • wire;
  • thread;
  • one large and one small bead;
  • transitional metal ring between the beads (you can without it).

Master Class

  • Prepare the necessary material and tools.


  • Pass a piece of wire 10-15 cm long into a red bead, and leave it in the middle. This will be a spout and the beginning of the weaving.


  • Thread both ends of the wire into a smaller bead, then into a metal ring, into a large bead and again into a red bead.


  • Cut the wire, leaving 10 mm. Now it is necessary for the round-bends to make from this tip a narrow neat ring. The trunk is ready.


  • We begin to weave the paws from the junction point of the two beads. Cut off 4 pieces of wire length of 15-18 cm, find the middle and twist it at this point 2 times.


  • Separate the feet.


  • For weaving the legs use red beads, alternating it on your knees with two yellow and one black bead, ending with a black and the same wire ring, rolled with the help of round-nosed pliers.


  • Having finished weaving one side, go to the second one. The scheme of weaving is exactly the same.


  • The result is a little charming spider that brings good luck.


Thick Spider

In order to make a master class on weavingThis article, we use a fairly detailed and understandable scheme of weaving. Yellow, red and black beads are strung on the wire in a parallel way, with even and odd rows being pulled together. Weave the tail with the tail. Thick SpiderAs a result, a spider made of beads turns out to be thick and bulky. With flowers during the weaving can be imagined, the length of the paws to choose the one you like.


To weave a bracelet with a picture of a spider,you just need to remember the master class weaving the baubles and make a preliminary drawing. The scheme of the weaving should completely repeat the image. You will only have to weave the cloth, and at the end we'll weave several circular straps to decorate the bracelet. Bracelette


Here such harmless predatory insect it was possiblewould weave from the beads, if there was a circuit. But it is so complicated that no master class will help. Try using the photo to restore the order of work yourself. I can only give a few tips:

  • the fluffy belly of a handsome man consists of a multitude of columns that are woven in the same way as the legs of a red spider made of wire and beads;
  • For the legs, use the three strandsOne direction is strung three white bars of beads and from the end of the leg in the opposite direction again three. Wire in 6 rows simply does not fit into the yellow beads;
  • The body is braided from the wire in a parallel way;
  • end with antennae, twisting the ends of the wire in the rings, like a spider, which was higher.


Red Spider

Finish the master class by weaving itselfa promising insect. Red spider from beads in your home is a guarantee of success and prosperity. To make it, we will use two purple beads of different diameters and shapes, red and tubular dark beads. Red SpiderThe scheme of weaving is given for a six-legged insect,but since we all know that the spiders have 8 paws, it will not be difficult for us to just twist another extra pair of limbs. We begin to weave again from the tip of the tail. Red Spider-2Let all these crafts bring happiness to your home.