How to sew a beautiful sarafan for a girl in school with her own hands?

How to sew a beautiful sarafan for a girl in school with her own hands?

How to sew a beautiful sarafan for a girl in school with her own hands ?. Photo №1 School sarafan - the most popular and alwaysactual type of clothes for children. Each schoolgirl wants to look beautiful, because the school is not only a mountain of lessons, and a large amount of knowledge. This is a separate world, unlike the world of adults, where the rules are somewhat different. And in order to become a full member of this peculiar society, it is necessary to correctly position oneself in it. Including by means of appearance. School sarafan for the girl, will be an excellent tool for the schoolgirl to be able to show how modern she is and at the same time respects the classics. Sarafan has long become the standard of a convenient and practical version of the school uniform for girls. There are a lot of varieties of sundresses. About all you will not tell. Here are the summer models that will suit any girl. Models sundresses are very simple, you can sew them yourself without much effort. It remains only to choose! How to sew a beautiful sarafan for a girl in school with her own hands ?. Photo # 2 It was the school uniform that always wore sarafan, andremains one of the best clothes for girls. The comfort with which the school sundress will be worn can not be underestimated, because only real clothes can bring pleasure from wearing. For many families, buying a school sundress can be a waybill, so we suggest that you sew it yourself. Before you start creating your future masterpiece, you will need to familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties of this case. By creating clothes yourself, with your own hands, you will receive not only pleasure from the result obtained, but also from the work itself. This feeling of pride that you create clothes yourself, with your own hands for your baby, will give you more excitement, complement your ideas and fantasies. To start making products for your little princess, you need to prepare a pattern. Just do not be afraid of this! Everything is much easier than you think. How to sew a beautiful sarafan for a girl in school with her own hands ?. Picture №3 For sewing a sarafan you will need:

  • fabric (the length and width of the fabric is calculated based on the size of the child);
  • thread;
  • sewing machine;
  • pattern.

On a special paper (it can be Whatman,wallpaper, suitable size, or special transparent paper - tracing paper), draw out the pattern of the sarafan. The length of each line will depend on the size of the child and the desired length of the sarafan. After the pattern is drawn, it should be cut and applied to the fabric. We circle every detail on the fabric. Circle best with a piece of chalk or with a usual piece of dry soap. Do not circle the handle, as there will be traces on the fabric that will not fade away. A chalk and soap will be perfectly washed from the fabric, leaving no unnecessary lines. Cut out all the details. And that's all. the most difficult thing is over. Next, cut out the details sewn. So, to sew a sarafan it is necessary: ​​1) Fold each strap in half along the front side inward and stitch. 2) Unscrew the straps of the sundress and iron. 3) You can use elastic band or ribbon as straps. 4) Fold the front and back halves of the sarafan face down and stitch the side seams. 5) Sweep straps to the shelves, determining and adjusting the place and length of straps. 6) Keep in mind that on the backrest straps sarafan are closer to each other than the front. 7) Place the obtack on the top edge of the front and back of the dressing gown with the front side inward. Carry out a seam, which also fixes and straps. 8) Sew the side seams of the obtachka. 9) Unscrew the obtack on the wrong side, iron and stitch it in the edge. 10) At a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge, very neatly lay another line, which will secure the obtack on the bottom edge. 11) Carefully process the bottom of the sarafan with a seam in the hem. 12) If you are sewing a sarafan with a flounce on the bottom edge, then you need: 13) Sew at the shuttle side cuts. 14) The lower edge of the shuttle should be welded into a hem. 15) The upper edge of the shuttle should be sewn and sewed to the bottom edge of the sarafan. Your child is happy, you are happy. After simple patterns, you can start more complex, and replenish both the wardrobe of the child and your own. Good luck to you. How to sew a beautiful sarafan for a girl in school with her own hands ?. Photo №4