How to sew clothes for a barbie, outfits, patterns, ideas / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew clothes for a barbie, outfits, patterns, ideas / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The most interesting occupation is big and smallgirls are sewing clothes for their "daughter." Now in any store of children's toys you can find a dress, a skirt, shoes, a variety of outfits for any doll. But the things sewn for beloved Barbie with their own hands are priceless for a beginner dressmaker. Barby is a small doll with older forms. All the things she wears (shoes, dresses, jeans) are made according to adult patterns. Not every dressmaker can cope with them. So I want to show here and now how any girl can very easily sew an elegant coat for Barbie. dress for a barbieMaterial and tools

  • scissors;
  • the cloth;
  • thread and needle.

Coat for Barbie coat for barbie

  • I took the stuff from the old oilcloth bag. I found a place where there are no seams, rivets and stitches and cut out a rectangle measuring 20 x 13 cm. You can use either your mother's handbag or any dense beautiful fabric.
  • Put the doll exactly in the middle so that the top edge of the fabric ends at her on the vertex. Mark the place where the sleeves will be sewn.
  • Fold the fabric as shown in the photo and cut the armhole in the marked places. Cutting and sewing sleeves. It is not necessary to turn them out. With such material it is simply impossible.
  • The first fitting. Put your coat on your sleeves and turn the collar off. In my opinion it's very chic! The shape of the collar is the most fashionable and relevant in this season.
  • Embroider the sleeves and put the coat on the faceup on a white cloth. It will become a lining for a coat. Cut it out with an allowance for a lapel 1 cm on all sides of the coat, wrap it with a white thread. By the way, you can use the tailor's glue to fasten the lining. In the place where the sleeve is sewn, cut the holes and fasten the lining.
  • Sew a belt. If the fabric is thick enough, you can simply cut out a thin strip of it, without folding.
  • Dressing our Barbie in a new thing made by own hands. We put on her shoes, jeans and go for a walk.
  • Warm dress and 2 bags made of mittensthere is. Now in the same pink tone with our own hands we sew for Barbie a warm knitted dress. For this we need two of your old mittens. If your mother allows you to use only one, because you lost the second, do not be upset. From it you will get an original sarafan. Cut the tip of the mittens and make holes for the hands. Wear a sundress on the doll. Stick out your finger inwards - from now on it will be a pocket. If you have two mittens at your disposal (even more interesting if they turn out to be of different colors), cut the second one, as shown in the photo.

  • Two pieces of rubber are stitched in tubes. These will be the sleeves.
  • From the top you will make a beret with your own hands, just sewing to the edge of an ordinary gum.
  • The middle of the mitten and the cut knitted finger will turn into two wonderful handbags - irreplaceable things, like shoes, for any girl.
  • To this dress red shoes or whitesapozhki.Shem skirt for Barbie The most simple things for a doll - it's skirts. They can be sewn from any piece of fabric. All the imaginations of the young dressmaker can manifest themselves in the design of the skirt. skirt for BarbieCombine the colors, come up with the finish, take the piecesfabrics of different width and length, sew them on one side and gather one edge on an elastic band. Your beautiful must have different outfits for different shoes. We're going to the ball sew a dress for a barbieThe most interesting thing in tailoring is sewingwith their hands ballroom dresses for the doll. If you get a piece of very beautiful fabric (velvet, brocade, muslin, lace), immediately take up work and cut elegant clothes. In the evening we give a ball! The most beautiful detail in this thing is the skirt. It is sewed quickly and simply. For a ball dress, the skirt must be long, covering the shoes and multilayered. The leopard is easy to make from a beautiful braid, wrapping the doll's chest with it or constructing a collar-collar. If you got a very small piece of brocade in your hand, make a royal collar out of it. Sew a long train of tulle or organza. Let's go swimming swimsuit for barbieSwimsuit for a Barbie doll is easy to sew from elastic braid, decorating it with rhinestones. A charming bathing cap is obtained from a piece of an inflatable ball. Ideas for Barbie: See similar master classes: