How to sew a dress for a doll with your own hands, patterns, master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to sew a dress for a doll with your own hands, patterns, master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

If the little princess does not doll puppetseyes and does not break legs, but dresses them in colored rags, tries to make their own hands the most beautiful blouse and lush wedding dresses, from it will grow a wonderful caring loving mom. Mom, who understand how to sew a dress for a doll, they know that they happen to be of different complexity. Some models will easily succumb to a five-year-old baby. Sew a dress for a doll

Little Queen

For this little pink dress motherIt is necessary to make a simple pattern, which is a rectangle with a hole for the head in the middle. It is so simple that once you look, as you do, the baby will be able to make a wardrobe for all of her toys.

  • On the sides you can make your own hands with two buttons and air loops. Let the young dressmaker work out the fine motor skills of her little fingers.

Little dressmaker

  • Sweatshirts, skirts, ponchos from small trimmings of knitwear, gloves and details of clothes children's imagination can use in creation of the most new-fangled models.

Little dressmaker-2

  • A tight dress from a socks or a golf course can turn out after you cut off a trace from it. The golf elastic will serve as a collar.

Little dressmaker-3

Dress for Barbie

In order to make a new thing for the doll, we need a cloth, a needle, a thread, a sewing machine.

  • We remove four sizes: waist circumference, chest circumference, bodice length and skirt length. We cut out for the top of the dress a rectangle with sides equal to the length of the bodice and a width equal to the volume of the breast, adding 0.5 cm on all sides.

Dress for Barbie

  • We cut out for a skirt a rectangle with a side equal to the length and width of about three waist sizes or more, if you want a gorgeous dress, also adding to the seams.

Dress for Barbie 2

  • We sweep the two pieces of fabric around the perimeter with a "zigzag" seam. We turn the edge of the top and the bottom of the dress by 0.5 cm. Apply the bodice to the doll and mark the grooves.

Dress for Barbie 3

  • We spend them on the typewriter. Try on.

Dress for Barbie 5

  • Now we need to make our own skirt. Pull out the top of the fabric to the waist size.

Dress for Barbie 6

  • Fix the waist on the skirt with pins and stitch.

Dress for Barbie 7

  • Fold the details face down, secure with pins and stitch.

Dress for Barbie-8

  • Sew two strips of Velcro and sew the bottom of the skirt.
  • Here is a dress it turned out. This versatile style allows you to make your own hands a lot of different models: and a narrow little black dress from Coco Chanel, and a magnificent wedding dress of the bride.

Dress for Barbie 9

Fluffy dress

Now you know how to sew a dress for a doll in the floor. It is enough to increase the length and width of the skirt. After the main parts are cut and sewn, you can come up with various additions. For example:

  • lace braid at the very edge of the hem;
  • twisted golden belt at the waist;
  • Fur boa to the shoulders;
  • bows on the skirt;
  • sleeve-bat, etc.

Fluffy dress

Dress and bonnet

Sometimes dolls look like real babies. Make their own clothes for them, clothes can be just like a child. Dress patterns are easy to find online. I'll tell you how to sew the original universal cap.

  • Measure the semicircle from temple to temple through the crown. Divide the result in half. This will be the length of the strip. Measure the circumference of the face - this will be its width.
  • Cut out a strip of fabric, adding a length of 2 cm.
  • Twist the fabric on both sides two times and stitch it.
  • Now you need to make your own ruches. Sew them on the very edge of one side.
  • Insert the ribbons from both tucked sides with a safety pin and tighten them from the side where ruches are not sewn. Everything, the cap is ready.
  • Dress and bonnetThis headpiece is universal, because it is suitable for a head of any size. It is enough just to dissolve or tighten the ribbon in the face.