How to sew a heart from tissue with your own hands, pattern / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew a heart from tissue with your own hands, pattern / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

Author: SplinterTradition to exchange Valentine's Day for Valentine's Day came to us from Europe very recently and very quickly gained popularity. Which is not surprising. A Russian person in principle likes to receive gifts, and a gift in the form of a heart is also filled with spiritual closeness and love. Valentine's can be made of paper, fabric, glass and even wood. You can buy it in the store, and you can do it yourself. We suggest to sew a heart from a tissue and give it to a loved one as a sign of your love or friendship. serdce-tkan-018

Textile heart. Master Class

To make a valentine yourself, we will need:

  • shreds of cloth of different colors (calico, calico, linen);
  • filler (sintepon, hollofayber, fluff);
  • accessories for decoration (lace, braid, buttons, flowers, beads);
  • pattern.

Operating procedure

  • Print out the pattern on the printer (or circle,attaching a sheet of paper to the monitor). If the proposed heart shape does not suit you, you can make a pattern with your own hands. To do this, you need to fold a sheet of paper along, draw a curved line and cut it. As a result, a pattern of a heart of an arbitrary shape will be obtained.
  • Determine the color range of tissue andaccessories. In our case, we will make our own hands a combined heart of three kinds of textiles. The back will be traditionally red, and the front one is made of white cotton with an insert of thin colored cotton. We will decorate with lace.
  • On a corner of a patch of white chintz we put colorinsert, puncture the pins and sew on the sewing machine or manually stitch the "forward needle". We wrap the insert in the opposite direction (on the face) and iron it. On the other hand, pin the laces with pins and sew a zigzag stitch. The face blank of valentines is made.
  • We pass directly to the sewing of the heart. Fold the two blanks with the inside sides, between which we put a ribbon for hanging. We transfer to the fabric a pattern of valentines and sew on the contour on the sewing machine. Part of the contour is left not sewn for the possibility of stuffing filler.
  • We cut the heart with zigzag scissors (withuse of tailor's scissors will require additional cuts). The workpiece is turned out and ironed. Fill it with filler as tight as possible. The slot is sewn with a hidden seam.
  • The main work is done. It remains to decorate the valentine to your taste with different beauties: roses, beads, buttons. You can also sew a flower to decorate the "yo-yo."
  • Do yo-yo better from textiles, according to the toneharmonizing with the main color of the valentine. The pattern in this case is a circle of arbitrary size. From a fabric we cut out a circle in diameter twice more than the required size of a flower.
  • Having deviated from the edge of the circle by 0.5 cm, with small stitcheslay a seam. We gather our flower to the center and decorate the middle. If you want the flower to be more magnificent, you can make several such layers. We sew yo-yo to the valentine and make a photo session.
  • heart made of cloth The master class came to an end. Valentines are made and waiting for their new owners. And you, dear needlewomen, we wish for love, good and success in your work. serdce-tkan-019

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