How to sew a monkey from a fabric with your own hands, patterns / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew a monkey from a fabric with your own hands, patterns / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

New Year is a long-awaited holiday. It is customary for needlewomen to prepare in advance, so that later, in the New Year's fuss, they will not squander the festive mood for domestic chores. Practical needlewomen make gifts for half a year before the onset of any holiday. Since it takes a lot of time to make things with your own hands. We suggest you sew a symbol of 2016 - a monkey. The pattern has been wandering the Internet for a long time, but there is no decent description of how to make a monkey out of cloth on it. Sew a monkey from clothAuthor: Плигина Татьяна Materials:

  • felt - 2 thin sheets;
  • sewing threads;
  • Easter mulina;
  • a stick for sushi;
  • 2 buttons;
  • tailoring scissors;
  • Handle or special brand for patterns;
  • filler (holofayber);
  • printed pattern.

We sew monkey from fabric-2 We sew monkey from fabric-3

Recommendations before starting work

Needles with experience can make a monkey out ofany fabric you like. For beginners, I recommend felt. It does not crumble, the details on it can be cut as you like, it's easy to sew. I took two colors: yellow for calf and tail, white for muzzle and paws. Mulina picked up the yellow one. If the monkey is supposed to give to the child, you can take a contrast to make the toy more interesting and brighter. For filling it is better to use holofayber. It evenly fills the space inside the tissue, does not create ugly bumps and "cellulite". It's very easy to make such a funny toy with your own hands.


Pattern without the allowances. Ideally, you need to cut out as many pieces of paper as you need from the fabric. If you plan to dress the monkey later, you can sew it without a tail and without an oval pusik. We sew monkey from fabric-4Number of details:

  • body 2 pieces;
  • upper legs 4 pcs .;
  • lower legs 4 pcs .;
  • ponytail 2 pieces;
  • details of a face-piece for 1 pc .;
  • ears 4 pcs .;
  • 1 pcs.

We sew monkey from fabric-4Circle all the details should be given allowances. I left 0.5 cm. If I did not have enough experience in sewing, make 0.7 cm allowances. Extra can then be cut off. Sew a recess on the upper part of the face. Top and bottom parts of the muzzle together, sweep and fasten with pins. Expand. Carefully straighten the seams. From the back of the face attach oval, sweep or pin. Sew, leaving in the bottom of the hole for eversion.

Superfluous neatly cut off. Remove the muzzle. Straighten inside the seams, helping with a stick for sushi. Fill the item with a holofiber, but not too tightly. This part of the muzzle will be sewn to another detail. It will be necessary to hide the excess, so do not make it dense. With the mouths of a mulina, sweep the edges of the main part of the face with the stitching seam. I swept the whole thing. So it will be easier then to sew it to the calf. Attach the top of the stuffed part. To attach or fasten with pins. Sew in a secret seam. Take care that the details do not warp, do not change the location, so as not to alter several times. Do not hurry. This is the most difficult stage of sewing a monkey. The convex part of the face was sewn in such a way that the outstretched edge protruded slightly. That is, the secret seam lay below the loop. Before you sew the muzzle to the calf, you need to make a tummy. You can do without a pussy. Simply so the monkey looks more interesting and funnier. First, sweep the edge with a stitch. Determine the place of the part, secure with pins. Then sew the application tummy tummy to the calf. You can put a little filler inside. We sew monkey from fabric-22The muzzle is located on the body, to pinpins. Sew sewing application. Embroider eyes with threads of a mulina or make them from small buttons or beads. Next, you need to make ears. I cut out two pieces of yellow and white. If, when overlapping parts, their mismatch in size is revealed, they need to be grounded. Then sweep the semicircular part of the ears with the stitching seam. They will not turn out. The Uves put a white side on the muzzle. Top cover the second part of the body. Attach the pins, correcting the location of the ears. Sew the body, leaving the hole below for turning. You can proceed to the paws and the tail. At the upper legs, leave the hole to be turned away from the side. At the bottom paws and tail, we leave the stitching spot unattached to the calf. Turn and spread the seams, helping with a stick for sushi. Note that the fleece is soft and loose material, it can easily be punctured with a stick. Therefore, when turning out, be careful. The monkey is almost ready. It remains to fill the holofiber and connect everything. All the holes that were left for eversion and stuffing, close the secret seam. Lower legs sewn to the calf in a circle. That is, first on one side of the details then on the other. So it will be more reliable. The upper paws should be attached to the button fastener. The tail should be sewn in the same way as the lower paws. The rabbit is ready. We sew monkey from fabric-41My doll sewing took almostall day. How much time you need depends on your skill and quickness. Better not rush. Sew such a monkey can be from a fabric of different colors or with a pattern. You can change the scale of the pattern, make it bigger or smaller.

Monkey in Russian folk style

Paradoxically, this sounds liketoys in the style of "a la Rus" is very cute. Moreover, this tilde is used, made by own hands, in order to bring someone some pleasant news in a pocket. Monkey in Russian folk style-2

  • Pattern is very simple.
  • Embroider with black thread eyes.
  • Place the muzzle and pocket on the front side of the monkey pattern.
  • Sew them on the typewriter.
  • Place the ears on the face, cover all the second with the back of the pattern and stitch it, leaving a small hole.
  • Turn out the toy through it.
  • Fill the inside with your hands filler.
  • It remains to sew the edges of the hole and the monkey in the Russian style is ready.
  • Monkey in Russian folk style

    Chimpanzee of felt

    This wonderful material is very cozy, not strewed and has no underside. The master class for making chimpanzees is almost no different from a monkey. Chimpanzee of feltTo sew this wonderful toy in the style of a tilde, it is enough to cut out the details (a pattern is presented in the photo) and repeat everything that is described just above.

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