How to sew the original children's carnival costume with your own hands.

How to sew the original children's carnival costume with your own hands.

Christmas New Year parties are approaching andholidays, this is fun for parents and children. But, as before, each parent asks himself a question, and what this time to do for the morning dress suit? Each parent can take note of how to make a carrot suit with their own hands. This suit is universal and will suit both a girl and a boy. A quick and easy way to sew a carrot suit with your own hands Children's carnival costume "carrot". Photo №1 To make a New Year costume "carrots" it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • Threads and an elastic band, which will be necessary to sew details.
  • Wire.
  • The lining that will be used for the cap.
  • Green fleece (slices).
  • Cuttings of sintepon.
  • Cloak fabric (orange).

The next step will be the removal of measurements fordetermining the size of the carrot suit, these dimensions will need to be applied to the fabric. To create a carrot, you need to make two identical orange triangles, the size of the child's shoulder and up to the knee, and, of course, adding small allowances for processing. To the two triangles on the wrong side, you need to attach a sintepon. After, all these details need to be struck, only necessarily leaving incisions for the legs, as well as the hands, and the head. And from behind leave a cut along the entire length of the carrot - for a zipper. From fleece pieces cut leaves, then they need to be sewn to a green cap of fleece. The wire is used, like the stems of leaves to make them stick out. The cap is done in the following way: cut the oval, then it will need to stretch the elastic, it will hold the hat on the head. Carrots can be made more natural ifon the basic details to make stitches black threads, it is necessary to wrinkle them to give a relief. It is imperative to check the product, all sides should be tucked and turned. The suit is ready. You can try on a child's costume, and walk on a New Year's matinee. You can also come up with a lot of optionsmaking a carrot suit. It can be made of vegetables, paper, fabric, cardboard and so on. Ask the child what exactly he wants to see in the suit. Our ideas for the costume will help you create a magnificent image of carrots and have fun on the matinee. Give joy to your baby.