How to sew a hare toy with your own hands, master class, pattern / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to sew a hare toy with your own hands, master class, pattern / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Which of us in our childhood was not my favorite softa toy with which I did not want to leave day or night, no matter who it was, a brooding beard with beady eyes or a cheerful puppy with a curved tail, a playful kitten or a brave lion, we all sincerely loved our first soft toys. I had a plush bunny sewed with the hands of my beloved granny. I could trust him with all my children's grievances and feelings. Only with it it was not terrible to fall asleep, and later - to pass tests and examinations. hareI want to note that my soft bunny-talismanalways brought me good luck. Is it because he was sewn with his own hands and therefore kept in himself a particle of love and care for a person I own? I suggest you also sew such a hare as a soft toy for your child or a talisman as a gift to your beloved person.

Master-class "Bunny with carrots"

Author: Заноза. hare pattern Bunny will be small, about 35 cm tall. For tailoring we will need the following materials:

  • cloth (flax, coarse calico) of corporal color and in stripes - for the toy body;
  • filler (silicone, holofayber or cotton wool);
  • decorative fabric for overalls;
  • accessories for decoration (braid, lace, flowers from ribbons or other);
  • thread for embroidery (iris, mulina);
  • thread in the tone of the fabric.

Operating procedure:

  • For the legs and pens (if you can so express itapplied to the hare) we need a two-color fabric. I took flax skin color and dense striped coarse calico. Sew two pieces and iron the seam. Then we transfer the pattern to the fabric folded in front.
  • All the details are sewn on the sewing machine (you cansew the seam with a seam "forward the needle"). We prepare the workpiece for the body only to the base of the ears (in the photo of points A and B). Cut out all the details, having deviated from the edge by 3 - 4 mm. We sew the inner part of the ears.
  • We turn out our workpieces and stuff themfiller. Moreover, the limbs and the head are stuffed more tightly, and the stomach is made, on the contrary, softer. We sew our feet to the body with a hidden seam. For greater mobility of the hand we fix to the trunk, sewing with the thread both arms at once (through and through).
  • The next stage will be sewing clothes for our rabbit. We transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut it out. It is better to sew the harnesses directly to the calf.
  • Two pants sew together on the front andback seams, turn and stitch along the bottom. Turning the workpiece, we make a line on the inner seam. We turn out panties and sew to our hare.
  • To the belt of a soft toy, we sew the braid in a toneoveralls. The same braid can be sewn as a bandage over the head, at the very bottom of the ears. Bunny draw a felt-tip pen and make a blush on the cheeks (greetings from Tone Finnanger). We add embroidery nipples and mouth.
  • For completeness, we sew our rabbit with soft carrots. How to sew a carrot for a hare carrot for a hare Necessary materials:

    • white cotton;
    • acrylic paints (orange and green);
    • pencil (plain or black);
    • filler;
    • thread.

    Operating procedure:

  • Cut out of the cloth square with a side of 9 cm. We sew on the typewriter along the curve (see photo). Cut out the workpiece, retreating from the seam a couple of mm. The workpiece is turned out and filled with filler.
  • Pave the dotted seam on the top of the carrot and pull it together. The bottom of the carrot is painted in orange. Remove excess paint with a napkin and leave to dry.
  • We proceed to the tops. We put green paint and also impregnate with a napkin. After drying, cut the tops with scissors. And the final touch - draw a dash with a black or simple pencil.
  • The bunny is ready. Although, no, I want to make some more unusual accessory for our toy. Let's weave a very simple basket of paper for the hare. stitched hareBasket for rabbitsNecessary materials:

    • paper (newspapers, magazines, cash register tape);
    • PVA glue;
    • serving napkin;
    • acrylic paint (an ordinary "snowball" is suitable);
    • acrylic lacquer.

    Operating procedure:

  • First you need to make a paper vine. On the needle at an angle of 30º wind a strip of paper (about 10 cm). The tip is fixed with glue and we get a flexible paper tube (vine). In total on the basket we need 6 - 7 of these tubes.
  • We connect three paper tubes together, forming a "snowflake". We take an additional tube, about one-third bend and weave a circle with a "string". We raise stands and plait three more circles.
  • Racks bend, leaving two handles for the handle. The remaining posts are bent one behind the other and braided by a working tube in a circle. We cover the basket with a mixture of paint and glue PVA (in the ratio 1: 1).
  • From the napkin, cut out small fragments and separate the top layer. Then on PVA we glue them to the basket. The product is covered with acrylic lacquer. Everything, the basket for our toys is ready.
  • hareThat's so easy and simple you can sew a favorite toy for your child, which in the future can become for him a real talisman.

    Video masterclass on sewing bunny

    Author: Elena Maksimova (Territory of Creativity Elma-toys). The costume fabric for the body of the toy is used, and in advance select the fabric for the clothes. Pattern - click to enlarge: Bunny Pattern