How to blind a rooster of clay: a step by step instruction

How to blind a rooster of clay: a step by step instruction

Plasticine rooster We offer you to do crafts with your children. The plasticine rooster is a colorful symbol of the upcoming New Year 2017, and maybe a home theater participant from a fairy tale about a rooster and two restless mice or the commander in chief of a plasticine chicken coop. This trick is simple, just repeat all the steps in our master class to get a spectacular result. In our work, we used dark red, orange, and green plasticine to simulate a believable cock color. But your hand-made article can become brighter if you show imagination and pick up another range of colors of clay for modeling a rooster.

To make a plasticine rooster, take:

dark red clay (you can get ita mixture of bright scarlet and brown); green clay (the same muted shade); a little orange; a little yellow; a bit of black; match and sharp toothpick or stack.

Rooster from plasticine step by step: description of work

First of all, we will prepare a set of clay and select from it the necessary shades and stack. Plasticine for sculpting a rooster Mix a little red and brown to get a muted red. We will immediately form three balls of it: one will be the largest, the second will be of medium size, and the third will be the smallest. Blanks for plasticine rooster Big ball a little taper on one side: it will be a torso. Lead to the wider part of the average-sized item. We deform it by pulling it up: the neck will turn out. And at the highest point we attach a small ball - the head of a rooster. Basis for plasticine rooster From orange plasticine make two droplets -bigger and smaller. They are easy to make: we roll two balls in our palms, and then we pull each of them out with our fingers. We stick a smaller droplet like a beard, a larger one we flatten it with our fingers from two sides, forming a comb. Attach the comb to the head in the right place. How to make a cock of plasticine Add black dots and yellow-orangebeak: this and that is done on the basis of balls, only for the eyes they are tiny and flatten when glued to the head, and for the beak the ball is larger. pulled in a droplet and flattened on the side where it is attached to the head. Sculpt cock from plasticine We pinch off a few small pieces from the green plasticine, each of which we stretch our fingers along the way and roll it into a kind of ball (there is no need to achieve perfect forms at this stage). Tail blanks Roll each ball with your fingers into a thin sausage. Feathers for the cock tail of clay We form a lush tail from the resulting sausages, collecting all the details in a bundle. Attach the tail to the back of the cock. Rooster made from plasticine do it yourself We make two small tortillas out of orange plasticine, draw them out in the shape of wings. Toothpick we put notches - feathers on the wings of plasticine rooster. Wings for cock from plasticine We attach the received wings on the sides, gently pressing on the clay to securely fasten the parts together. How to make a plasticine rooster in stages To make steady legs for a cock,break the match in half. We put a thin layer of orange plasticine on it; we will insert one side of the match into the body, and on the opposite side we will attach the clay legs (three short clay sausages molded into a flat bun). Plasticine Sculpting: Rooster A bright plasticine cock is ready: as you can see, making it is a snap. You can freeze the craft in the refrigerator so that it is strong, and then place it under the Christmas tree or include it in your home games. And lovers of cross stitch advise you to pay attention to the master class on creating embroidered and chickens. Rooster from plasticine step by step How to make a rooster out of clay How to make a plasticine rooster Elena Nikolaeva (text edited by Eva Casio) specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: