How to choose a carpet for a modern interior? (15 photos)

How to choose a carpet for a modern interior? (15 photos)

Modern carpets are an integral design elementThe interior of almost any apartment or house. But how to choose the same carpet? We will share tips on how to choose the perfect carpet for a modern interior! Content

Tip # 1: determine the purpose of the carpet

Begin the selection of the ideal carpet with an answer tonext question: what is the purpose of the carpet? In which room will it be bedded? Everything is simple here - the same carpet can look perfect in one room and completely get lost in another. Living room The classic choice is short-pile carpets, distinguished by an enviable resistance to abrasion. Short-pile carpets on the living room floorA wool rug made of sheep’s wool is the choice of those who want to give a noble look to the living room interior. It has a long life, but gets dirty quickly. A carpet made of natural silk will decorate the interior of a living room no worse than a woolen one; Silk carpet in the living roomThe colors and shapes of the carpet are taken into account and the color of the room. Here you need the experience and knowledge of interior designers. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the catalog, which presents more than 300 models. Bedroom As a rule, carpets with high thick pile are laid in the bedrooms, as they not only look spectacular, but also do an excellent job of keeping the room warm. High pile rug in the bedroom Regarding the shape, square and rectangular rugs are traditionally chosen. But in the bedrooms with round furniture carpets look round and bionic. Ideas for the carpet on the floor in the bedroom Originalthe solution is the selection of a carpet for the color of bedding or curtains. Designers do not recommend laying colorful, colorful carpets in the bedroom. It is better to choose a plain carpet of calm shades. It will not irritate the eye and fill the bedroom with comfort and warmth, conducive to relaxation. Children’s Children’s doctors strongly recommend laying carpets in mixed rooms with hypoallergenic materials. Choosing a carpet with a nursery As fordrawing, then a vivid image of a cartoon or animal hero will be a great solution. Entrance / Corridor Given the fact that the entrance and corridor are rooms with high traffic, it is better to give preference to synthetic carpets with low pile and tight weaving, as they tolerate abrasion and are resistant to dirt and moisture. If you choose from carpets made of natural materials, it is better to stop your choice on a woolen carpet with a cotton base. Carpet in the hallway - how to choose the color of the carpet shouldblend in with the surroundings. The entrance hall will look great on a small rug of cheerful colors, filling the interior with freshness. A good solution is gray, dark beige and brown rugs. Kitchen / Bathroom When choosing a carpet for a kitchen or bathroom, its moisture resistance and ease of care are taken into account. A rubber base is recommended to prevent slipping on ceramic tiles. It is desirable that the kitchen carpet be treated with special compounds that protect its dirt.

Tip # 2: Get the Perfect Fit

Visual perception of modern interiorrooms directly depends on the shape of the carpet located in it. What to consider when choosing the shape of the carpet? Firstly, the form of furniture and other interior items in the room. If sharp angles and straight lines prevail, it is better to choose a square or rectangular rug. Selection of the ideal form of the carpet. Secondly, the location of the carpet in the room. Oval and round rugs are best placed in the center of the room, near a sofa or window.

Tip # 3: Make no mistake about carpet size

First, clearly define what areaYou want to decorate the rooms with a modern carpet and then accurately measure it. Now you are ready to choose the size of your ideal carpet. Here are some practical tips ...

  • A small carpet is able to emphasize specific areas in the room (for example, a coffee table or fireplace).
  • If you plan to put a carpet under the bed, then its dimensions should be slightly larger than the size of the bed.

Carpet to the fireplace in the apartment and private house

Tip number 4: do not rush with the choice of color and pattern

When choosing a carpet color, consider the following recommendations:

  • for the living room in a neutral light shade, a bright carpet with an original pattern is suitable;
  • a carpet with a classic pattern - the choice of those who prefer calm and restraint;
  • the carpet is required to differ by several tones from the color scheme of the room, otherwise it will be lost in the interior and will not fulfill its decorative functions;
  • plain carpets of warm colors can visually narrow the room, and cold shades - expand;
  • large rugs do not fit in small rooms;
  • when choosing the tone of the carpet, consider the main tone of the floor covering (they must match).

The choice of color and pattern on the carpet

Tip number 5: choose the right carpet composition

The perfect rug is not only the perfect color,size and shape, but also the composition of the carpet. Its operational and quality characteristics directly depend on the composition of the carpet. For example, although a natural carpet attracts with its soft surface and solid appearance, it is subject to burnout and abrasion. In turn, a synthetic carpet, although affordable and easy to clean, quickly loses its original appearance and wrinkles. If you have children or animals, and you can’t do the cleaning often, then choose carpets from mixed materials! Do you like the article? Share on social networks!